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We develop scalable tailored applications to improve upon complex processes or solve highly individual problems for our clients.

Mission Briefing

Quick. Smart. Efficient.

Keep your sales team on the road and focused

We created the mission briefing to empower sales teams in increase their closing rates. As a sales agent, the daily business can become very stressful. Moving from client to client, having all contact information, locations, notes and related information always on top of your mind is not easy. Checking Salesforce is. However sometimes you just don’t have the time to open your laptop, log into salesforce and check the next appointment. Same goes for the mobile version. We‘ve built a solution and bundled appointment related information into one simple, easy to understand but valuable email application. Get everything you need anytime and anyplace right to your inbox.

Smart Slack

Simple. Intelligent. Valuable. Stay up to date on the performance of your sales team.

Stay up to date on the performance of your sales team. In today’s world business communication happens mostly in Slack. We communicate with our colleagues and manage our teams easily within the app. Imagine you could harness the power of salesforce right into your slack channel. Get the latest reports on demand, motivate your team by posting closed contracts into the chat or search for needed leads and contacts in a hurry. Connecting the tools allows you to speed up you’re processes, while keeping it simple. Empower your organization.

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