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Overview in 30 seconds

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Customer Centricity: Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud as central platforms for all customer concerns and for managing personalized marketing campaigns.



  • Replacement of the service legacy system
  • One central solution for marketing & service
  • Linking and simplification of company data and processes
  • Integration of the ERP system

Customer benefits

  • Change in the way of working: from decentralized small systems to a centralized and integrated solution
  • Time-saving thanks to breaking down data silos: all desired departments have access
  • More customer insights lead to optimized customer relationships: Customers can be addressed in a new, targeted way
  • Automations and workflows remove manual work and increase the efficiency of marketing and service teams

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

YT was founded in 2007 with the goal to give everybody access to high-quality bikes by making them affordable with the then revolutionary DTC approach. Today YT remains committed to that mission and offers worldwide various bike models which regularly win competitions and always score at the top of test reviews.

The ongoing success and the growing business required a shift from patchwork software solutions to a new, central system for marketing and service. Salesforce as a flexible and intuitive system was the perfect fit. Salesfive was chosen as a partner – besides the same passion for mountain biking – because of their expertise and understanding of the processes.

The result

by Salesfive

Salesforce paired with SAP: Unified database, new way of working and more customer insights.

Our Salesforce Solution

  • Implementation of Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud
  • Integration of the ERP system (SAP) as the basis for all core data
  • Setting up multiple marketing journeys with dynamic language adaptation
  • Connection of the store system
  • Connection of the telephone system (CTI)
  • Design of a new service process with workflows and automations
  • Set-up of the ticket system including integration of new service channels

The advantage for YT INDUSTRIES

  • Salesforce as a central system for all customer concerns
  • Leverage customer potential even better thanks to 360-degree view, overview of customer history and the ability to collect more KPIs and insights
  • Ticket system simplifies the processing of various service requests
  • A new way of marketing: personalization at every touchpoint of the customer journey
  • Autonomous working: no coding skills needed to create newsletters

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to Salesforce and Salesfive, we’re a big step closer to achieving this goal. With the new system, we can exploit potentials and respond even better to dedicated customer inquiries or send personalized e-mail campaigns. We are very excited!

– Jeremy Tolosa, Global Web Director

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