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30 seconds summary

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Replacement of Data silos to ensure the highest level of data security. The result is a unified database, with high security standards and transparent processes.


  • Connection of the internal backend and the ottonova app with the new sales software
  • Guaranteeing the highest level of data secu
  • Structured system for all information

Customer benefits

  • Migration of sensitive customer data was done with the highest standards of data security and now allows automated processes in only one system
  • 360-degree view of all customer data due to the integration of the ottonova app
  • Increased work performance due to optimized internal communication channels and seamless data flow
  • Creation of reports in real time with simple, intuitive analysis


Why Salesforce
& Salesfive

As a digital private health insurer, ottonova is a pioneer in the field of future health insurance.

Ottonova is pursuing a vision – more transparency, better collaboration and secure handling of sensitive customer data. With our industry experience and expertise in integrating and migrating data at the highest security level, Salesfive has been the perfect partner.


Salesforce by

Salesforce as a tool for the insurance industry – simple, secure and transparent.

Our Salesforce solution

  • Project period: June 2018 to the end of 2018
  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud
  • Secure integration of the internal backend through custom-fit software development
  • Migration of sensitive customer data using encryptions
  • On-site product traiining and accurate hypercare phase

The advantage for ottonova

  • Sales strategy systematized and structured
  • Customization and optimization of the customer journey
  • Interface with ottonova app creates overview of all customer data
  • Better overview through central customer management system



This is how we have already been able to help other customers



From the very first second, bestsmile has relied on Salesforce’s scalable and flexible solutions. The digitization of the customer journey and precise analytics supported the enormous growth of bestsmile.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud




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Hair & Skin

Sales Cloud introduction even before opening the 1st office: Salesforce for digital patient management, including appointment and document management.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud




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