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New sales process allows transparent customer and supplier management. Innovative forecasting tool improves resource planning and gives Forto a glimpse into the future.



  • More transparency in the sales process
  • Automatic pre-qualification of new customers
  • Integration of the internal backend
  • Expansion of forecasting for better planning reliability

Customer benefits

  • Increased productivity due to transparency in the overall process
  • More certainty in forecasting sales plans with the help of a customized forecasting tool
  • Forecasting provides Forto with a view into the future to plan resources efficiently
  • More time for the ‘big tasks’, thanks to micro-level automation
  • B2B marketing automation allows continuous communication with customers and partners


Why Salesforce
& Salesfive

Forto provides agile and secure logistic solutions that empower companies to digitally manage their global supply chain from manufacturer to end customer.

New processes, business planning with vision and focus on the mission: the reasons for Forto to implement Salesforce. Because of our development experts, we were chosen as a partner to realize the customized forecasting tool.


Forecasting tool for resource planning

Special logistic solutions need a good sales control. For Forto, the development of a forecasting tool was essential in order to be able to forecast the expected revenue per month.

As part of the Salesforce implementation, we developed a tool that supports Forto in creating customized reports and forecasts itself.

This involves synchronizing data from Salesforce and the internal backend and thus forecasting it using a data model – maximum scaling of Forto’s business thanks to accurate forecasts.


Salesforce by

Salesforce as a tool for logistics provider of tomorrow. Offering a unified communication between all parties.

Our Salesforce solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud, Pardot
  • Introduction of the sales process including various validations and qualifications
  • Integration of the internal backend
  • Development of the forecasting tool
  • Salesforce training by Salesfive consultants

The advantage for Forto

  • Saving time by using automated marketing measures
  • Working within a joint platform creates transparency for the entire sales process
  • Simplification of business planning through intelligent forecasting

“Salesfive did understand how to find the optimal solution for our requirements and needs. The personalization of Salesforce and the development of the forecasting tool came out exactly as we had hoped for.”

– Markus Schulz, Vice President Sales, Forto

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