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Focus on data security and transparency: international multi-cloud implementation allow for smooth processes in a cross-departmental solution.

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  • Highest data security guaranteed
  • Integration of the banking backend
  • Dissolving of data silos of the various different departments

Customer benefits

  • One system for all data instead of many decentralized systems
  • International roll-out creates uniform database and processes at all locations
  • Ensuring service standards through uniform information database for employees
  • Increased productivity of the support team to > > 1.000 requests per day


Why Salesforce
& Salesfive

Fidor Bank is an internet-based direct bank and targets both private and business customers with the Fidor Smart current account.

To optimize the digital processes of sales, service and marketing, a system was needed that combines all together. A Salesforce multi-cloud implementation was the solution. Salesfive was hired for its expertise in custom development to ensure data protection.


Integration of the banking backend

Integration of the banking backend was one of the main concerns for Fidor Bank. In doing so, security had top priority.

Using custom development, we developed interfaces that enable secure data exchange between the systems to protect sensitive customer data. By this integration, the two systems are able to work in sync with each other.

Employees are now able to retrieve all customer data from the banking system directly in Salesforce and can thus respond perfectly to service or sales requests.


Salesforce by

Salesforce as a tool for the financial industry – a system for sales, service and marketing.

Our Salesforce solution

  • Implementation of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Social Studio
  • Integration of the banking backend
  • Uniform database for all departments
  • Conduction of product training to increase user acceptance

The advantage for Fidor Bank

  • Transparency, simplicity and high data security on a global level
  • Structured sales channel of direct sales teams for B2B and B2C
  • Automated filtering and allocation processes improve service quality
  • Automation of B2B and B2C marketing activities

“Because of its simplicity and high data security, we found the perfect system in Salesforce and the perfect partner for us in Salesfive, enabling all employees to have the same level of knowledge.”

– Lukas Fucela, Fidor Bank

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