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Since the very beginning, bestsmile has relied on the scalable and flexible solution of Salesforces. The digitization of the customer journey and precise analytics supportedthe tremendous growth of bestsmile.


  • Strategic process consulting
  • Design of the Customer Journey
  • Further development and maintenance of processes
  • Linking the system with the website

Customer benefits

  • Standardized system used for the entire customer management: from on-site contact to service cases
  • Automations throughout the customer journey – starting with appointment scheduling via the homepage up to contract processing
  • Flexible system adapts to rapid company growth
  • Automation of routine tasks saves time

About the project

Why Salesforce
& Salesfive

With the mission to give everyone access to teeth straightening, bestsmile was founded in Switzerland in 2018 – being specialized in clear aligner therapy.

Bestsmile implemented Salesforcesince its founding and has expanded this to all locations. However, as a rapidly growing company, the requirements became more and more complex. Due to the local proximity (location in Zurich), Salesfive was the right partner for a long-term cooperation.

The special feature

Reaching the goal with integrations

What makes the Bestsmile solution so special? It is the integration of the third party software: PandaDoc, JotForm and Shore.

Shore’s solution is used as appointment booking software. Shore was connected to Salesforce using a self-developed interface (API).

JotForm allows in-office staff to view relevant customer data and also to edit it on tablets.

Using PandaDoc, the treatment contracts are automatically generated and sent to the customers.

The result

Salesforce by

Salesforce for a dental beauty industry pioneer: automated, simple, innovative.

Our Salesforce solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud
  • Documentation of the treatment and billing of customers in the system
  • Integration of the third-party solutions PandaDoc, JotForm and Shore
  • Further development of treatment types and payment options facilitated due to scalability of the system

The advantage for bestsmile

  • Further development of treatment types and payment options facilitated due to scalability of the system
  • End-to-end management of the customer, from initial contact to service case, increases customer satisfaction
  • 100% data security and flawless quotation delivery

“Due to the optimal scaling of the Salesforce solution, we quickly grew from three to over 100 employees – and growth curve is still rising. We would like to thank Salesfive for the great cooperation! “

– Marcel Kubli, Co-Founder & COO, bestsmile

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