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30 seconds summary

Short and simple

For BarthHaas, digitalization in the areas of purchasing, sales, marketing and service, in addition to a new way of working and more transparency, led to the first partner portal: the planter portal. More portals will follow shortly!

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  • Introduction of a CRM system with a link to the ERP system for a synchronized data landscape
  • Holistic digitization strategy “along the hops”
  • 360-degree recording of all customer data and activities

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of manual activities: automation of contract and offer creation
  • Chatter as a new communication channel: saves time and long communication paths
  • Process inquiries anytime and anywhere with the Salesforce Mobile Publisher: planter portal available as an app in the App Store
  • Service Cloud for Purchasing & Sales: easily process service requests
  • Evaluation and reporting: overview of new business & budgets


Why Salesforce & Salesfive

As the world’s leading supplier of hop products and hop-related services, BarthHaas is the contact for the creative and efficient use of hops and hop products.

In order to do justice to this creativity in the work processes as well, BarthHaas was looking for an experienced partner and a flexible system. Through the understanding to meet the customer at eye level and also to openly question given processes, the choice fell on Salesfive and the CRM system from Salesforce.

“With Salesfive, we have found exactly the partner we need! We are pleased to have been able to lay the foundation with this project – not only for further portals, but also for a holistic digitalization of our customer and supplier management.”

– Thomas Raiser, member of the executive management / sales manager at BarthHaas

Salesfive & BarthHaas
The journey of the hops in the cloud

At this point we take you on the journey of the hops – from purchasing to sales and processing inquiries.

Experience Cloud & Sales Cloud

All buyers can see which orders exist in the Sales Cloud and can communicate these to the planters via the portal. The hop growers are suppliers to BarthHaas who work independently in the specially developed Planter Portal. The growers can then submit specific inquiries for their varieties and quantities via the portal. These inquiries are passed back to purchasing. Here the hops continue their journey and now land in the sales cloud. All information such as communication activities, negotiation documents and the preparation of contracts based on inquiries are documented in the Sales Cloud. The purchased raw hops are then processed further.

The portal is also available to all actors as an app and thus enables access to the data, anytime and anywhere. See the video below for more on this.

Sales Cloud

Before an offer is made, the hops take one more step back – into the basis for negotiation. In the meantime, samples can be sent to the customer for a sample. Once the sales department and customer have come to an agreement, an offer is sent and digitally signed. An order confirmation is also automatically sent to the customer from the Sales Cloud. The order is then sent directly to the ERP system, where the data from purchasing and sales are merged.

This is where the hops journey in the cloud ends. After the hops have been processed into pellets or extract, they are delivered and ultimately land on many people’s tables in the form of a wide variety of beer creations or as part of pharmaceutical products.

In the last point we would like to show you how BarthHaas processes inquiries via the Service Cloud.

Service Cloud

With the Service Cloud ticket system, BarthHaas processes the following types of inquiries, among others:

  • Email inquiries
  • Visit requests
  • Sample orders
  • Complaints
  • Crop failures
  • Contact requests

Once the service cases have been resolved, the data is stored directly and the respective employee can address possible challenges in the next conversation and thus ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

The BarthHaas planter portal: Simply work together!


Salesforce by

Becoming a pioneer with Salesforce: BarthHaas as one of the first German users of the Salesforce Mobile Publisher!

Our Salesforce Solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot
  • Introduction of various automations for the preparation of contracts and offers
  • Introduction of the Salesforce Mobile Publisher: illustration of the planter portal as an app
  • Integration of DocuSign: digital signatures
  • Integration of PDF Butler: Easily create documents in Salesforce

The advantage for BarthHaas

  • Biggest advantage: traceability of customer communication from e-mail to digital document creation and signing
  • All activities are recorded centrally: from visiting the trade fair to ordering samples
  • Transparency, efficiency, time savings thanks to a clear system and automation
  • Thanks to Salesforce, there is the possibility of upselling
  • In addition to the goods business, the service business is also shown

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Digitization along the customer journey: sales, marketing, internal and external service through to warranty processing.

Clouds used:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Community Cloud
  • Social Studio

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Ganzheitliche Prozesse in der Cloud und eine offline Anwendung für den Vertriebsaußendienst. Bestellungen, Vertragsunterzeichnungen und Lieferprozess aus einem benutzerfreundlichen System.

Verwendete Cloud:

  • Sales Cloud




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