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30 seconds Summary

Short and simple
Gaining new customers simplified: the Sales Cloud as an international, central system for sales. Customers and offer data connected through one system.


  • Flexible and scalable CRM system
  • Consistent data collection on new and existing customers
  • International rollout with integration of third-party software

Customer benefits

  • Automated sales process enables faster closings
  • Intensive admin training enables the system to be managed independently
  • Sales and customer management as well as offer generation combined via one system
  • Integration of the AEB App enhances lead qualification
  • Improved communication between sales and project teams through a standardized system


Why Salesforce
& Salesfive

With over 500 employees worldwide, AEB provides cloud software and IT services that unite logistics and foreign trade. Further scaling with the old CRM was no longer possible – the company needed a new, flexible solution.

With Salesforce, a scalable CRM was found that united all departments AEB chose Salesfive because of its industry experience.


All steps in one system

By automating the sales process with Salesforce, new customer acquisition was significantly simplified. At the same time, the integration of AEB’s own “Business Partner Screening” app optimized the pre-qualification of leads.

With the integration of Appero as a quote editor, quotes can be created and sent in Salesforce within a very short time. These are then forwarded directly to the project management via the ERP system.


Salesforce by

Salesforce as a tool for the technology industry – easy customization, scalability and connectivity between sites and departments.

Our Salesforce solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud
  • Integration of the ERP system
  • Setting up a data structure including process optimization and automations
  • Integration of the quotation creation tool Appero
  • Training of two internal Salesforce administrators

The advantage for AEB

  • Optimization of marketing and sales processes enhances cooperation
  • Automated linking of sales and project management
  • All in one system – from new customer acquisition to quotation generation

“Together with Salesfive, we developed a central system, which enables all sales employees to work together. The flexibility that Salesforce offers is most essential to us. We can quickly react to new requirements and can carry out individual adjustments without any additional effort and complexity.”

– Christopher Greiner, CRM Project Manager, AEB SE

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