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Digital success stories: Our Salesforce Customer References

More than 600 customers already trust Salesfive as a partner for digitization with Salesforce – see for yourself


On the road to the future. Thanks to digitalization, you can successfully master the balancing act between modern driving and new value chains. We’ll show you the success stories in your industry.

Professional Services

Keep the upper hand – even in saturated markets. Here we show you how we have helped other service providers to achieve success with holistic strategies and digital solutions.


As a connected store, you are the future of the industry. See how we’ve helped other retailers digitally connect.


The energy transition calls for digitization along the value chain. Rely on long-term customer loyalty – we’ll show you how!


The fourth industrial revolution is driving digital transformation. Wondering what exactly that looks like? The answer is: two networked systems, seamless processes & digital storage.

Finance & Insurance

Digital transformation requires the finance and insurance industry to revolutionize business models. See here how we were able to help other players in your industries to digitize.


Making the world a better place requires the highest level of focus on your projects. Digitization supports this – you can see our best practices for NGOs and NPOs here.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The future of the healthcare and life sciences industry is healthcare on-demand. In this way, we were able to focus on the patient for our customers.


Leveraging potential with clever digital structures. This is how our customers assert themselves in a fast growing market!

Consumer Goods & Trade

Stand out in saturated markets with the wow experience through digital transformation – orient yourself on our success stories in your industry!

Media & Entertainment

Emotional stimuli and personalization are the key to success. Keeping you one step ahead in a fast-moving industry. We have already been able to help these companies.

Travel, Transport & Hospitality

Excellent customer experience and networking across all channels – the key to success in the digital world. We have already implemented this in your industry – find out more in our success stories.

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