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SAP Salesforce Integration


The synchronous swimmers: SAP + Salesforce

Unite two market leaders in real time: Salesforce as a cloud-based CRM system with SAP’s on-premise ERP software. Say goodbye to extra work and potential errors due to duplicate data entry. Connect your customer management with quotation and order management and improve your productivity, customer retention, and innovation.
Automatic data synchronization in real time

Cross-system processes & automations

Uniform system interface for all employees

Data Synchronization

Always in sync, always up to date.

Avoid inefficiencies and sources of error due to duplicate entries. Give your employees access to critical information they need to provide efficient customer service and close deals faster!


Synchronous data in both systems:

  • Master data of all customers
  • Employee responsibilities and interactions
  • Orders including status
  • Order history
  • Product and price lists
  • Accounting information
Example Integration

SAP Salesforce Integration

The possibilities of integrations are versatile. Whether a complete linking of the systems or a focus on selected sub-processes – everything is possible. Here you can see an example of how Salesforce and SAP can work together:

Processes & automations

Your systems as a well-coordinated team.

Automate internal and customer-related processes, connect them with SAP and vice versa.

For example, if a new customer is added in Sales Cloud, your sales representative can directly trigger a sales order in Salesforce. The order and all subsequent processes, such as validity or quality checks, are triggered automatically in your SAP system. After the order has been fulfilled here and the invoice has been created, SAP plays the relevant information directly back into the Sales Cloud. This means that your sales staff can see the order status at any time and can offer your customers even better service.


Strong system, happy employees.

Goodbye to manual switching back and forth between systems and constant queries between departments! Increase employee satisfaction and system adoption with flawless collaboration between CRM and ERP.

With the integration of the SAP interface in Salesforce and vice versa, your employees will soon no longer notice that they are working with two different systems. Without annoying switches and multiple messages, they can concentrate on the essentials again.

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