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System Integration & Interface Development

System integration and interface development at a glance

All tools combined in one.

With the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and employee productivity in the long term, companies rely on a combination of different systems. The cross-system exchange of data and the efficient execution of tasks with multiple products are major challenges. We create the necessary links between your systems and thus exploit their full potential.


Let your systems swim in sync

Integrating systems – ERP, CRM, internal enterprise software and other third-party software – requires individual handling and translation of data. With interfaces between the systems, we guarantee a smooth exchange of data. Various solutions exist for linking the applications. We find the one that best fits your requirements.

Existing integration solutions

We work with existing solutions that have been developed for data transport between different systems and enable efficient integration. Our partners Mulesoft, Rapidi Online, Jitterbit or Salesforce Connect offer a variety of solutions here.

Individual interface development

There is no suitable provider for the integration of your:

  • System
  • Product
  • Website
  • App

Our in-house development team will develop an appropriate solution for you.

Process level

More than just data exchange.

With a holistic view of your processes, we focus on the efficient and harmonious collaboration of your systems. This is how we ensure a seamless user experience.

We develop cross-interface automations and APIs for you.

SAP integration

Double is better: SAP and Salesforce Integration.



With an SAP Salesforce integration, you can fully exploit the potential of both systems.
Create cross-system business processes and avoid unnecessary extra work. Connect your customer, quotation and order management and improve your productivity, customer retention and innovation!

Learn more about SAP integration


This is how we have already been able to help other customers

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User-friendly CRM system to optimize sales processes. Quotation creation and sending directly from Salesforce.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud




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Salesforce as a central address book and customer management system. The Sales Cloud as a bridge to marketing and opener for exciting customer insights.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud




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