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Salesforce extensions

Drive Salesforce to high performance through partner solutions.

In the Salesforce ecosystem there are various open source solutions that have set themselves the goal of solving specific requirements. Their use facilitates the implementation of a system that is adequate for you.
The quality of these solutions is guaranteed by the Salesforce Partner Program.

Your advantages through partner solutions
  • Low cost
  • Time-saving implementation
  • Almost limitless expansion options

Integration solutions


A connectivity platform with which you can connect apps, data and devices even faster – in the cloud, local or hybrid.

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Rapidi Online

The use of preconfigured templates makes complex system integrations easy, safe and fast.

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Magic Software

With a code-free and low-maintenance approach, Magic xpi integrates all applications in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

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Intuitive design and connectors allow any user to create automations and integrations.

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A solution for connecting SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications to bring intelligence into every business process.

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Data Management & BI


The visual analytics platform makes your data visible and understandable and makes it easier to solve complex business questions.

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The automatic recording of contact data by CRM add-ons ensures more efficient and faster work.

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In just a few minutes you can create individual apps based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets or databases.

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Cloud backup and recovery provider offers secure, automated, daily backups.

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Echo bot

Let future customers be identified and sales & marketing scaled with artificial intelligence – efficient & GDPR-compliant.

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bao third party solution


Increase the quality of sales discussions with conversation intelligence and create transparency about success factors in sales.

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Document management


The Billing & Invoice solution for automated order-to-cash processes, as well as the takeover of contract and invoice management.

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A range of applications and integrations for automating and digitizing the entire contract process.

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PDF Buttler

Surprise your customers with e-documents such as offers, contracts and even invoices. Manage the templates in MS Word.

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Industry specific solutions

Salesforce Industries

Industry-specific cloud and mobile software provider that drives digital transformation for leading companies.

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Provider of high-performance cloud ERP software for manufacturing, sales and supply chain on the Salesforce cloud platform.

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Telephony and connections


The VoIP telephone for modern companies and flexible working with a simple and fast setup as well as intuitive operation.

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The CTI Data Connector for Salesforce works with every telephone system – VOIP, standard / on-premise or in the cloud (Sales & Service).

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A business telephone system with contact center fully embedded in Salesforce, integrated in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

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Reach customers where they want to interact with you – from text messages to emails and calls to video and more.

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Resource planning


An HR platform to support HR departments through reliable, adaptable and cost-efficient processes.

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Increase customer satisfaction with Kimble and optimize resource utilization, profitability and scalability of the company.

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Booker 25

With the power of Salesforce, Booker25 is a limitless booking system for all industries and companies of all sizes.

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Pledge 1%

A way to use part of your future success to support nonprofit organizations of your choice.

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Salesforce as software for non-profits. Donors: Track inside and donation data, create real-time reports and mobilize resources.

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