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Solutions for new Salesforce systems

System Migration

System migration Overview

Getting ready to move.

When companies are scaling or expanding rapidly, the current CRM system can quickly become limited. We take care of the replacement of your old system and the smooth transition to Salesforce – a flexible system for maximum scaling.
Complete replacement of the legacy system

Optimal data transfer

Transfer & extension of interfaces

Optimization or redesign of the architecture

Migration process

Smooth migration to Salesforce with our migration process


Successful with precise goals.

To replace your legacy system, precise goals must first be definded and set to guarantee the success of the project. On the basis of clearly defined goals and requirements, we develop the perfect solution for you. Requirements that we have in mind for you:


  • Analysis & evaluation of risks
  • Execution of tests
  • Backup of the legacy system


  • Switch between bird’s-eye view & detailed view
  • Representation of all dependencies
  • Description of the changed data architecture


Unchangeable documentation and archiving of:

  • Migration activities, releases and controls
  • Transition tables and tests


  • Interface development
  • Ensuring data transmission
  • Integration of the new system into the IT landscape

ACTUAL and TARGET analysis

We take a closer look at your system.

ACTUAL analysis

  • Analysis of inventory processes
  • Uncovering limitations
  • Viewing the IT landscape from a bird’s-eye view
  • Analysis of data structure and data flow
  • Visualization of interfaces and connections
  • Uncovering redundancies
  • Analysis of potentials

TARGET analysis

Conceptual design of the Salesforce solution, adapted to your goals and requirements

  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Design of a new, optimized process landscape
  • Setting up a new data architecture including the structure
  • High-level design of the new system
  • Planning of the changeover to the new system

Technical concept

Technical concept of the process and data architecture

Our solution designers create the technical concept of your new system based on the TARGET analysis.

The bird’s-eye view is followed by a detailed design of all processes in detail and in interaction.

The iterative course of the project enables you to constantly monitor our implementation For ongoing quality assurance, our architecture experts will accompany you.

We implement these concepts:

  • Data architecture
  • Process landscape
  • Cross-system architecture

System migration

Low risk, fast movement.

When you switch to Salesforce, we also plan a suitable replacement strategy right from the start. This means that your employees can continue to work perfectly at all times. Simply choose the variant that best suits your needs. There are different variants here:
Big Bang

Switching to the system at a specified time.


Changeover in planned phases, e.g. e.g. cloud, process or interface-wise.


Changeover with parallel work in both systems


Individual process with a mixture of the possible variants


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