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Salesforce Health Check: Achieve maximum performance.

On average, companies only use 30% of Salesforce’s functions – at 100% cost. Do it better: With the Health Check, you can uncover optimizations and potential. Your benefit: satisfied users and smooth processes.

Pants down:
Send your Salesforce system for a health check!


Do you have the feeling that you are not using the full potential of Salesforce but are paying for 100% of the services? Your system is slow? Do your users find Salesforce expensive?
Time for the Salesforce Health Check!

The health check creates clarity: You receive a detailed report with a health score and concrete recommendations for action on the system status, security, user-friendliness and potential.
Always in view: the protection of your data. By means of system and process optimization, potential development and restoration of data purity, including a security check, we put your system back on the fast track.

3-step check

Kick off & usability test

We understand you! In the in-depth interview, you tell us everything about your challenges and pain points. Show us how you work in the usability test. Both methods give us a detailed insight.

Analysis: Thoroughly tested

Now our experts are at work and combine their assessment with our analysis. We log into your system and examine how it compares to the standard. Your data is protected at all times.

Health Score & Recommendations

Your result after 2 weeks: Health score for the three dimensions (system status, usability, potential). In addition, you will receive recommendations for action for quick wins and long-term optimization – so that you can use Salesforce to the full extent.

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Health Score: your status quo

Wir möchten, dass Sie auf einen Blick sehen, wo Ihr System steht. Deshalb haben wir den Health Score entwickelt. Anhand des Scores leiten sich Handlungsempfehlungen mit Priorisierungen ab.

Der Score setzt sich aus 3 Dimensionen zusammen:

  • Technischer Systemstatus: Alles rund um Sicherheit, Performance und Prozesse.
  • Nutzerfreundlichkeit: Wie intuitiv ist das Arbeiten innerhalb des Systems? Wie sieht die Benutzeroberfläche aus?
  • Potenziale: Wo liegen Möglichkeiten, die noch nicht aufgedeckt sind? An welchen Stellschrauben lässt sich sofort drehen?

The check has already paid off for these customers

customer story

Hacon: From complex processes to the Salesforce standard: clean up, optimize and scale. A new Salesforce system that works.

customer story

AirFarm: In 3 months to the renewed Salesforce system: Structured, scalable & meaningful sales processes that people like to use!

customer story

SilverTours: Expansion of the Marketing Cloud and integration into the existing infrastructure. Optimization of the conditions for new opportunities in the market.

frequently asked Questions

Our experts use a standardized approach based on our tried-and-tested questionnaire. For example, you can look at the memory status in your system or check existing automations. With your assessments and the walk-through in the system, our experts can assess exactly where adjustments can be made and where long-term change must take place. This is recorded in the questionnaire and in the report, which will be presented to you in the final presentation.

Yes and no. In order to carry out a health check flawlessly and to look at every detail, it is very important for our experts to work directly in the system. Of course, we proceed discreetly and do not look at the data in your system. If you absolutely do not want us to work in the system, there is a way that we would not recommend at all because of the higher cost and time involved. By means of joint usability tests, which are more extensive, more detailed and take place with more test subjects, we can get an idea of the system. However, this is more expensive and does not produce exact results.

With the Health Check you receive a detailed report on optimizations and recommendations for action. Here we describe concrete quick wins or more complex changes that have to be tackled in the long term. You can implement the results independently in your team. However, we are happy if we make the optimizations together. Depending on the scope, this can be done by means of a service contract or with a new implementation project. We offer you a package that is suitable for you. We look forward to working with you to get your Salesforce system back in shape.

You can carry out the Salesforce Health Check yourself in your org. However, this only considers the security level of your system. Components such as user acceptance or exploitation of potential are not analyzed here. The Salesforce Health Check serves as a good start, but in no way replaces a comprehensive health check like the one we offer. In both variants, a Health Check Score is calculated (in the case of the Salesforce Health Check, however, this only refers to the security level of your org).

Our health check package has a fixed price of 1,500 euros. This offer price includes approx. 16 hours of work and offers you an attractive offer. If you would like to know more about the price and the services, we would be happy to present the health check service description to you in an initial consultation.