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Net Promoter Score

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1 day

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Marketing Cloud


How your customers rate your company and whether they would even recommend it to third parties is information that is of great importance – regardless of whether you sell products or services to B2C or B2B. Through Salesforce’s #1 CRM system, Net Promoter Score is possible to assist you in gathering this information. The Net Promoter Score is a one-time survey where your customers rate how likely they are to recommend your company, service or product to others. You can personalize the appearance of the survey and the messages to your customers – without any external survey tools!

How they respond to your customers’ needs can be critical to your customer retention. Based on these survey results, you can now respond to these needs and divide your clientele into categories such as supporters, passives, and detractors.

How the Net Promoter Score works

The application consists of the following components: The interactive is sent to your customers by e-mail with the NPS form. This email takes the recipient to a landing page with the form.
The form reports the NPS back to the contact database.

After responding to the survey, you can associate the classifications with your subscribers and use the insights for segmentation and targeted direct messaging campaigns. The survey can also be used further to track the development of the NPS value.

5 reasons why

  • Measure NPS within Marketing Cloud, without a third-party tool or integrations
  • Connect the NPS value to your recipients for segmentation purposes
  • Optimize your content for your recipients based on the NPS value
  • Reusable setup for ongoing NPS monitoring
  • Brand-specific and tailored to your company

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