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Marketing automation for webinars & trade shows

Industry use




Implementation time

4 days

Technical requirement

Pardot & Sales Cloud


Webinars and trade fairs are the passion of B2B marketing. However, potentials are often not fully exploited afterwards due to capacity bottlenecks. Not anymore! Automate the pre- and post-processing of your trade fairs and webinars with a unique customer journey: Potential webinar/trade fair participants go through individual phases of a predefined journey: from registration and reminders to sending relevant content on the topic. In this context, a basic framework for various webinars and trade fairs is created, which you can easily adapt to your purposes and thus offer a tailor-made customer journey for each individual event.

How the marketing automation tool works

The customer registers for a webinar or a trade fair via a landing page, for example. In this course, the person is assigned to a list. This list can be found at the beginning of the so-called customer journey (Engagement Studio). In Pardot’s Engagement Studio (where the customer journey is set up), further e-mail templates and other elements are stored as phases that the customer then goes through. This means that as soon as the person is in the customer journey, they automatically receive emails (invitation, reminder, access data, follow-up, additional content such as white papers or blog posts, etc.).
Along with the benefits of marketing automation, contacts are automatically valued (depending on the person’s interest) and passed on to sales. The process to the sales team is also seamless and you can concentrate on the pure marketing measures.

Technical requirement

  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

5 reasons why

  • General framework for trade fair and webinar management
  • Time savings & error reduction due to automation
  • Structuring when classifying users (customer list management)
  • Better lead management in the B2B area including automatic transfer to sales
  • Facilitate the creation of landing pages and registration forms

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