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DOI Process & Onboarding Journey

Industry use




Implementation time

7 working days

Technical requirement

Marketing Cloud


Marketers beware: The double opt-in (DOI) process is a method of ensuring that the email address captured belongs to the person who gave their consent. This process serves as the basis for full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And yet, DOI plays a critical role in increasing engagement and deliverability of email campaigns.

But what does that have to do with an onboarding trip or also called a welcome trip? It is often the first email touchpoint after DOI confirmation. This step serves to create a strong impression of the brand and convey an important message.

This is how the process works

A standardized DOI procedure allows you to verify that e-mail address which is to be used in future e-mail communication. Much better:
The permission for this is stored in a single source of truth specified by the customer.

In addition, the onboarding journey is set to be sent automatically after the DOI process – simple and straightforward. Of course, the Journey can be customized according to your wishes – tailored to your needs.

Technical requirement

  • Marketing Cloud

5 reasons why

  • Engagement rates will increase as verified and confirmed email addresses increase.
  • The delivery rate increases and the bounce rate decreases due to the decrease of spam and invalid email addresses.
  • IP/domain reputation remains secure by controlling the delivery and bounce rate.
  • Explicit consent is stored as a requirement.
  • First touch point in the onboarding journey to educate and increase brand engagement and improve the customer experience.

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