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Contact Hygiene

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Marketing Cloud


For all those who used the Marketing Cloud: We have something for you here! Whether agreed or standard, every Marketing Cloud contract includes a contact limit. This limit may eventually be reached after some time, and once it is, Salesforce sends an invoice for additional costs. This is exactly where Contact Hygiene is here to help you!

Through the module developed by Salesfive, contact information that you no longer need can be deleted. This means that you will soon be able to comply with all data protection regulations again. But also the increased contact consumption, caused for example by the data flow of unwanted and unused records in the Marketing Cloud, will no longer cause you any trouble thanks to the Contact Hygiene module.

How the Contact Hygiene Module works

Step number 1: Identify the contacts you want to delete. Once the module has captured these contacts from your Marketing Cloud, they are stored in a sendable data extension. From there, an automatic deletion process takes over this data expansion and removes the contacts at regular intervals.

By using Automation Studio, we can programmatically initiate the process of deleting unwanted contacts. Depending on the preferences, this process can be planned or triggered by customers. The

5 reasons why

Data compliance regulations
Improved data hygiene
One-time effort for long-lasting peace
Consumer Interactions
Improved user experience with only relevant contacts
Mitigating the potential risk of increased licensing costs by reducing the number of contacts

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