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Consumer Goods – Key Account Management

Industry use

Consumer Packaged Goods



Implementation time

3-4 months

Technical requirement

Sales Cloud


Optimize your company’s key account planning with Salesforce’s world-leading cloud-based CRM platform With the help of our Key Account Management module, you accelerate the digital alignment of your consumer goods company. You will not only streamline your processes, but also generate additional growth.

Change the way you manage your customers to ensure shared market success of consumer brands and distributors such as wholesalers and retailers. Integrate the Key Account Management module with our Trade Promotion Management and the Retail Execution solution to centrally map all industry-specific processes on the Salesforce platform.

This is how key account management works for consumer goods companies

Our Key Account Management module allows you to easily create account plans and manage general account tasks. Thanks to the shared tools, you will optimize collaboration with your accounts and internal stakeholders and thus increase the productivity of your company.

Perform joint account planning with integrated channel development and budgeting and forecast customer demand for a complete overview. You can thus increase the profitability within your account. With the help of account hierarchies, you can display all customer interdependencies and contact relationships in a structured way and can also clearly visualize long-term plans.

The module also supports you in the development and implementation of high-level goals, strategic plans and milestones on the basis of identified product range gaps or product group trends. Using out-of-the-box analysis tailored specifically for the consumer goods industry, account managers can work with customers and their buyers to make smarter business decisions and develop effective negotiation tactics.

Technical requirement

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

5 reasons for the CRM portal

  • Joint Business Plan: negotiating contracts and monitoring performance
  • Strategic planning: support in the development and implementation of overarching objectives
  • Analyze your data and results to improve strategies using store performance dashboards and product benchmarking
  • Monitor results, identify risks and recommend countermeasures
  • Optimal linking with our Trade Promotion Management and Retail Execution modules

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