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B2B Onlineshop:
Order & OEM portal

Industry use




Implementation time

4 weeks

Technical requirement

Experience Cloud


A B2B online shop and partner portal: ordering products, individual parts or consumables has never been so easy for you and your customers, partners or OEMs.
After the first order, your customers get access to the portal. Here you can reorder the required quantity directly in the online shop using a QR code or serial number. The query of a warranty case is also carried out automatically in the system – depending on the criteria and duration, the buyer (s) is informed of the status.
In addition to the option to order, your customers, partners and OEMs can also access documentation, exploded views or the FAQ section, or trigger a service case directly in the portal.

This is how the B2B online shop & partner portal work

If an online order is received in the system, the responsible departments and employees are notified. The order is also received in the ERP system and checked. If necessary, you can store an approval process here.
Between receipt and delivery, notifications are automatically sent to the customer(s) and the responsible employees via e-mail or push notification.
And the payment? This is also processed via the B2B online shop. Here you can offer various payment options. Invoicing is also partially automated and in line with your ERP system.

Technical requirement

  • Experience Cloud
  • ERP integration

5 reasons why

  • Reduction of service cases & relief of your employees
  • Great convenience for all stakeholders
  • Upselling opportunities: product suggestions for consumables
  • Fast implementation and a reduction in manual workload ensure long-term sales growth
  • Act as a pioneer in the manufacturing industry and benefit from the industry standard at the same time

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