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Service Cloud


Real-Time Customer Interaction

Salesforce Service Cloud offers the following benefits:

  • All customer information on one screen view
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Tracking of customers’ posts on social networks
  • Assignment of customer transactions to appropriate service representatives

Salesfive benefits

Salesforce by Salesfive

As an implementation partner, Salesfive offers you

Experienced multi-cloud partners

Extensive industry experience

Direct contact

Highly qualified consultants

In-house development

Digital natives


Intelligent and Personalized Customer Service

Increased employee productivity

  • Service staff have access to customer profiles, existing expertise and experts through a central screen
  • Customer inquiries can be answered more easily and even identified in advance

Special customer experience

  • Create a high quality customer service experience, regardless of channels
  • All information about your customers is united in the agent console


Optimize your Pipeline

Automatic assignment

  • Automatic assignment of customers to the appropriately qualified service representatives

Optimized service processes

  • Customize the service cloud to meet the needs of your customers and processes

360-degree view

  • Get an overview of every customer interaction across all channels and in chronological order

Updates and reminders

  • Receive updates and reminders as soon as actions become necessary
  • Use pre-built templates for faster email responses


Automate your Internal Processes

Increased productivity

  • Replace manual and repetitive tasks of your service staff with automated workflows and increase your productivity

Process visualization

  • Create complete processes simply by dragg and dropp via the Process Builder

Simple approvals

  • Automate your approval processes and keep operations running smoothly

Telephone Integration

Computer – Telefon – Integration (CTI)

Identification of your customers

  • Identify the caller before you pick up the phone and get an overview of corresponding customer data

Easy calls

  • Make calls directly from Salesforce with just one click

Log calls

  • Automatically link your notes during the call to contacts, cases, or other objects in Salesforce

Call management

  • Make calls, transfer customers, and add people to a conference call right from within Salesforce


Salesforce Knowledge

Always the right answer at hand

  • Quickly find the right answers to your customers’ questions thanks to a cloud-based knowledge database
  • Your employees can expand the information in the knowledge database themselves

Self-help customers

  • Give your customers help to help themselves
  • Integrate the knowledge base into your service website to give your customers direct access to answers

Maintain the database

  • Update and maintain articles in the knowledge base and follow best practices to make informed decisions

Knowledge Database

Communities for Customers and Employees

Finding solutions together

  • Via crowdsourcing, your customers and employees can find suitable answers to questions

Adapt to requirements

  • Adapt your community to your brand design and create an interactive element in your brand strategy

Find solutions together

  • Give your customer service and other employees the opportunity to work together on solutions


Overview of Relevant Information

Dashboards for service

  • Automatically populate dashboards with relevant service data and open cases directly from the application
  • Give your service staff a better basis for decision-making


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