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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud Overview

Contracts, Customer Data, Orders and much more

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers the following benefits:

  • Personalized sales journeys for every customer
  • Easier to generate leads and close deals faster
  • Real-time visibility into business transactions
  • Easily design and automate business processes

Salesfive benefits

Salesforce by Salesfive

As an implementation partner, Salesfive offers you

Experienced multi-cloud partners

Extensive industry experience

Direct contact

Highly qualified consultants

In-house development

Digital natives


Exploit all Potentials

Close more deals

  • Optimize your opportunity management by staying on top of the details of your teams sales projects
  • Always stay connected to the people and information you need to close deals

Speed up internal processes

  • Manage all your customer information in one place-including activity and communication history, as well as key contacts and internal customer meetings
  • Integrate key data from popular social media directly into Salesforce


Gain more Leads

Successful lead conversion

  • Make the most of your budget
  • From first click to close – track your leads and optimize your campaigns across all channels

Marketing automation

  • More effective creation, execution and management of online campaigns
  • Shortening of sales cycles and better control and analysis of marketing actions – through close collaboration between marketing and sales


Constant Increase in Productivity

Mobile working

  • Dashboards provide clear data about your business operations in real time
  • Create detailed reports with no specific skills required

Workflow Management

  • Design and automate business processes quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Flexible approval processes for discounts, travel expenses, etc. help you achieve your goals faster


Data-Based Decisions

Visibility and transparency

  • With dashboards, you always get clear data about your business operations in real time
  • Detailed reports can be created without any special prior knowledge

Real-time forecasting

  • Gain insight into your teams’ forecasts in real time
  • Features such as inline editing, sharing settings, multi-currency support, etc. simplify report generation

Sales territory coordination

  • Preview and continuously optimize different sales territories using appropriate models


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