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Marketing Cloud


Seamless Customer Communication

Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers the following benefits:

  • Personalized customer journeys across all channels
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Tracking of all social media activity
  • Customized and targeted campaigns

Salesfive benefits

Salesforce by Salesfive

As an implementation partner, Salesfive offers you

Experienced multi-cloud partners

Extensive industry experience

Direct contact

Highly qualified consultants

In-house development

Digital natives


Personalized Customer Journeys in Real Time

Leverage customer information

  • Send personalized messages to your customers based on past behavior and purchase history
  • Send automated information and messages to customers based on real-time events

Cross-channel messaging

  • Seamless communication – across all channels
  • Connect marketing, sales, service, and commerce to provide customers with a consistent customer journey

Respond to change

  • Always be proactive in responding to changes in your customers’ behavior
  • Use analytics to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities


B2B Marketing

Automated marketing activities

  • Automate the sending of emails and other marketing activities using triggers
  • Send personalized content to your customers

More leads

  • Create engaging landing pages and increase customer interactions
  • Manage your webinars and events and capture your customers’ interest

See all your metrics

  • Keep an eye on your marketing ROI and measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on revenue
  • Track opportunities in your pipeline


Personalize your Email Campaigns

Specific targeting

  • Segment your customer groups and send target group specific content
  • Automate routine tasks and increase efficiency

Convincing e-mails

  • Reach your customers on any device thanks to Responsive Design
  • Use customizable templates to populate your emails

Personalize your email journey

  • Optimize your email journeys
  • Maintain a personal relationship with each customer


Customer Segmentation

Efficient use of data

  • Capture and analyze customer data from any source
  • Use any channel to strengthen customer relationships and improve business results

Peer-to-peer data sharing

  • Generate a new revenue stream from your data
  • Access world-class new data from external providers

Measure marketing ROI

  • Draw informative and immediately useful insights from your raw data
  • Reap the benefits of modern analytics without in-house data scientists

Social Media Marketing

Marketing in Social Networks

Content publishing

  • Manage the creation and publishing of your content across teams and media
  • Automate postings thanks to easy scheduling options

Social Media interaction

  • Manage all interactions – whether like, share or comment
  • Provide superior customer service across all channels

Social Media Insights

  • Analyze feedback and key market data
  • Capture the sentiment of your target audiences
  • Analyze the performance of your content

Live overview

  • Benefit from a live visual representation of your social media activities
  • Monitor the mood of your customers based on specific criteria


Marketing & Advertising

Leverage data potential

  • Link to your other Salesforce Clouds to share all the data you collect
  • Manage your target audiences – regardless of scale

Coordinate across all channels

  • Find new customers based on “like” audiences
  • Coordinate your online advertising and email campaigns

Generate leads and customers

  • Automate management and follow-up activities on your Facebook leads
  • Increase the efficiency of your SEA activities

Mobile Marketing

Marketing on Mobile Devices

Messages customized for mobile devices

  • Use customized templates and send effective mobile messages
  • Combine your apps with push notifications

Personalized messages

  • Tailor each touchpoint to your target audience
  • Automate the sending of messages using transaction or time-based triggers

Encourage app interactions

  • Geofencing allows you to send appropriate marketing messages to your customers based on their location
  • Increase in-app purchases through push notifications

Holistic marketing strategy

  • Provide consistent customer journeys and integrate your mobile marketing with relevant marketing channels


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