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Configure price quote (CPQ)

CPQ Overview

Automated Quotation Generation

With Salesforce CPQ, you get the following benefits:

  • Fast and reliable configuration of quotations
  • Create CI-compliant and consistent contracts and invoices
  • Easy tracking of incoming payments
  • Fast revenue generation

Salesfive benefits

Salesforce by Salesfive

As an implementation partner, Salesfive offers you

Experienced multi-cloud partners

Extensive industry experience

Direct contact

Highly qualified consultants

In-house development

Digital natives


Optimized Offer and Contract Preparation

Specific price determination

  • Always the right elements in every offer
  • Consistent use of price and discount specifications
  • Accurate real-time forecasting through automatically updated pipelines

Contract renewals

  • Automatic creation of renewal quotes
  • Leverage all contract renewal opportunities
  • Error prevention for contract renewals


Offers in Corporate Design

  • Offers fully customized to your corporate design
  • Quickly create offers and contracts in PDF or Microsoft Word format
  • Electronic signatures thanks to integration of your preferred third-party software


Perfectly Tailored Product Packages

Individual product composition

  • Configure product packages so that they are ideally tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Elimination of manual data entry thanks to already stored product catalog

Orientation aids for new employees

  • Help new employees through the sales process
  • Simplified product selection process enables fast quotation generation


Flexibility and Collaboration

Recurring billing

  • Automate the subscription billing process and eliminate errors
  • Manage frequent billing with centralized billing software
  • Offer your customers flexibility with variable billing models
  • Automate the calculation of upgrades, increments, or pro-rated payments

Online sales platform

  • Communities to connect repeat buyers and resellers to your sales processes
  • Sales partners can easily register new leads and create price quotes on their own – even for complex products and pricing structures
  • Get easy visibility into your partners’ pipelines and forecasts


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