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Community Cloud


The Portal for Customers, Partners and Employees

The Salesforce Community Cloud offers the following benefits:

  • Create communities both internal and external to the company
  • Customer self-service portals with a collection of answers
  • Solution for collaboration between companies and their partners
  • Create personalized applications

Salesfive benefits

Salesforce by Salesfive

As an implementation partner, Salesfive offers you

Experienced multi-cloud partners

Extensive industry experience

Direct contact

Highly qualified consultants

In-house development

Digital natives


With Salesforce to your own Community

Cross-system communities

  • Network your communities with data from any system and make it available regardless of location

Expert Matching

  • Based on individual behavior, the Community Cloud suggests members with whom you can network and what content might be of interest


Individualized company presentation

  • Customize the Community Cloud to match your branding
  • Engage with an engaging and user-friendly environment

Mobile access

  • Communicate with community members regardless of location and device


Self-Service for Customers and Partners

Knowledge & Database

  • Create an uncomplicated access to collected knowledge
  • Help your customers and employees to help themselves

Efficient service operations

  • Customers can initiate service operations directly in the community
  • Employees can respond to questions publicly, in the community, or privately

Engagement through gamification

  • Encourage active sharing in your community
  • Highlight and promote your most engaged members through awards or referrals

E-commerce integration

  • Integrate your e-commerce platform with your shopping platforms
  • Simplify the shopping experience for your customers

Visualize community metrics

  • Use preconfigured and customizable dashboards
  • Collect data in real time, whether it’s a simple report or a complex dashboard


Connectivity with Partners and Customers

Optimized sales communication

  • Share contacts, leads and records with your partners through your own community
  • Centralize pricing and inventory information through integration with third-party systems

Project Management

  • Connect your partners with the right experts for different products
  • With customized sharing settings, your partners only get access to the information they need

Partner Insights

  • Track and evaluate partner performance
  • Customize reports and dashboards to meet your needs


Employee Communities

Synchronized Salesforce data

  • Ensure that files relevant to your business operations are always available in the right context
  • Sync files across all devices and provide access to all relevant files in one central location

Intra-company groups

  • Create groups for teams, events, accounts or campaigns
  • Share information in groups and communicate via integrated video chat features

Topic pages

  • Automatically generated topic pages with centralized discussions on specific topic feeds

Innovation culture

  • Encourage an open culture and idea contribution
  • Give your employees a platform to work together on projects


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