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Make Data-Based Decisions

With the advance of digitization, the volume of data increases. Leverage your data now and turn it into actionable information that can be used to make informed business decisions!

With dashboards and reports created by business intelligence (BI) tools, you give decision makers and employees the tools they need to succeed.

Einstein Analytics

Uncover hidden potential with the help of artificial intelligence


Data visualization for informed decision-making processes

Open as App

Automatic app creation without programming effort or experience

Einstein Analytics

Uncovering Undiscovered Potential through AI



Use the BI solution Einstein Analytics to uncover previously hidden correlations and identify new business opportunities and optimization potential.

The AI-powered analytics software gives you the power of intelligent data analysis. Einstein Analytics works either with data from the Salesforce Clouds or with data from third-party systems such as SAP.

With the use of AI, the data is analyzed, evaluated and presented in dashboards and reports. Einstein Analytics then provides you concrete recommendations for action and creates forecasts about the development of customer behavior or product trends.


Data Visualization and Reporting



Use Tableau BI software to gain insights from your data visually. With dashboard reporting, you and your staff can analyze data ad hoc through engaging visualization. Graphs, websites, tables, and documents from various external data sources can be combined and displayed in interactive and engaging dashboards.

Merge data from your Salesforce system landscape with other business data to improve visibility and customer understanding.

Open as App

Automatic App Creation



With the cloud-based innovative Open as App solution, your employees can turn data from lists and charts into apps such as dashboards, calculators, lists or surveys – without programming experience. The apps work across platforms, on all mobile devices, and can then be shared with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Connect your Salesforce platform with Open as App and create apps from your data that go beyond Salesforce’s standard apps.

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