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Digital Marketing Overview

Automated, Personalized Marketing

Increase the effectiveness of your online campaigns and get to know your customers even better!

Salesforce and partner marketing tools enable you to create data-driven and optimized marketing campaigns, as well as targeted and personalized customer engagement – across all channels.

Harness the power of your data and turn customers into fans.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Allrounder from Salesforce

Marketing Cloud – Social Studio

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Cloud – Journey Builder

Optimized customer journeys in real time

Marketing Cloud – E-Mail Studio

Personalized email campaigns

Salesforce Pardot

B2B Marketing Automation


Direct messaging via Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Allrounder



With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you have all the marketing tools on one platform and interact with your customers personally – through any channel and on any device!

Automate your campaigns with the Marketing Cloud and play targeted, appropriate content to specific customers. The AI-based platform makes it possible to track any customer touchpoint across the entire customer journey and analyze customer behavior.

Through the connection to other Salesforce solutions, seamless tracking of contacts is possible throughout the entire customer journey – from the lead to the first contact to the conclusion of the sale.

Social Studio

Social Media Marketing



Use the complete solution to manage, schedule, create and monitor social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Social Studio is a real-time publishing and interaction platform for creating and controlling new posts, interacting with customers and followers, and evaluating social media performance (e.g. through sentiment analysis).

Optimize your content strategy with new insights and organize your next posts in advance.


Journey Builder

Optimized Customer Journeys in Real Time



Guide your customers through personalized customer journeys – across all touchpoints including email, mobile, advertising, web, sales, POS, and service.

With Salesforce Journey Builder, you can tailor your content to each customer’s individual interest. Continuously adapt your customer journeys based on current and predicted customer behavior and interact with your customers in real time.

E-Mail Studio

Personalized Email Campaigns



Automate your email marketing and create emails that delight! With Email Studio, reach your ideal audience with personalized content.

Create customized content based on user behavior using Artificial Intelligence. Use built-in drag-and-drop features to create engaging HTML emails. The intelligent tool identifies your most active subscribers and allows you to target them more frequently.


B2B Marketing Automation




The right content at the right time for the right person! Use the B2B marketing automation tool Pardot to control your marketing campaigns and increase their effectiveness and profitability.

Pardot provides a platform for all stages of an online marketing campaign – from design to results analysis. It facilitates the creation of landing pages and contact forms. In addition, Pardot enables automated and personalized communication with your business customers.

Through exact targeting and personalized content, you can thus increase your customer satisfaction and promote customer loyalty in the long term.


Direct messaging via Salesforce



– On average, 90% of customers want to communicate with companies via mobile messaging

– 85% of customers not only want to receive information, but also actively engage in conversations

With the Twilio for Salesforce app, you can easily send and receive direct text messages via Salesforce through the familiar Salesforce interface. Increase your customer satisfaction and engagement by communicating with your customers through the channel of their choice.

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The Best Marketing Tools for You

Customer Segmentation

Play more relevant content to your customers with Audience Builder.

Marketing & Advertising

Always reach your customers in the right place with advertising across search, display, and social media with Advertising Studio.

Data-Driven Marketing

Get unique customer insights in Data Studio, powered by world-class data.

Mobile Marketing

Use Mobile Studio to reach customers on any device with personalized SMS messages, push notifications, and chat messaging.

Marketing Controlling

Control your marketing reporting and optimization with marketing intelligence from Datorama.

Marketing Analytics

Discover new ways to improve your customer engagement with Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Marketing Interactions

Visualize and manage customer experiences in real time with Interaction Studio. Interact with each customer at the right time and through their preferred channel.

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