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Unique Shopping Experiences

The way customers shop is constantly changing, and so are customer expectations.

Exceeding your customers’ expectations requires a 360-degree view of all transactions, orders, and inventory data, as well as personalization and optimization of shopping experiences. Salesforce has the right solutions for you.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2C

Optimized shopping experiences for private customers

Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2B

Optimized shopping experiences for business customers

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sell smarter and faster

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Allrounder from Salesforce

Salesforce Social Studio

Social Media Marketing

Salesforce Pardot

B2B Marketing Automation

Commerce Cloud for B2C

The Solution for Private Customers



Delight your customers with personalized and seamless shopping experiences – across all channels!

By combining past usage behavior with artificial intelligence, the Salesforce solution for B2C e-commerce personalizes the shopping experience from product selection and price to product recommendations and filters.

In addition, Commerce Cloud enables faster campaign launches, personalized promotions, and improved page ranking through SEO optimized websites.

commerce cloud for b2b

The Solution for Business Customers



In modern B2B commerce, digitization is the prerequisite for success. Inspire your business customers and make online shopping easier for them with the special B2B functions of the Commerce Cloud!

Use Commerce Cloud to offer your customers customized online store designs, the option of quick reordering with just a few clicks, special contractual prices by account/customer, and customized product catalogs.

Sales Cloud

Sell Faster from Anywhere


Salesforce Sales Cloud Logo


Use the Sales Cloud in e-commerce and keep track of your B2C or B2B customers!

The Salesforce flagship is a powerful tool for optimizing customer relationships. From leads to invoicing to customer retention – all relevant information on contacts, existing customers and potential customers is stored here in one central location. Reports and dashboards give companies a real-time overview of all business transactions.

Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Allrounder



Automate your campaigns with Marketing Cloud and deliver targeted content to specific customers. The AI-based platform makes it possible to track any customer touchpoint across the entire customer journey and analyze customer behavior.

Through the connection to other Salesforce solutions, seamless tracking of contacts is possible throughout the entire customer journey, from the lead to the first contact to the conclusion of the sale.

Social Studio

Social Media Marketing



Use the complete solution to manage, schedule, create and monitor social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Social Studio is a real-time publishing and interaction platform for creating and controlling new posts, interacting with customers and followers, and evaluating social media performance (e.g. through sentiment analysis).

Optimize your content strategy with new insights and organize your next posts in advance.


B2B Marketing Automation




The right content at the right time for the right person! Control your marketing campaigns and increase their effectiveness and profitability with the help of the B2B marketing automation tool Pardot.

Pardot provides a platform for all stages of an online marketing campaign – from design to results analysis. It facilitates the creation of landing pages and contact forms. In addition, Pardot enables automated and personalized communication with your business customers.

Through exact targeting and personalized content, you can thus increase your customer satisfaction and promote customer loyalty in the long term.

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