Sales Cloud

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- 25.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Fusion Partners success story

One system for all: Salesforce for sales, business development and project management. Automation along the sales process and clear structures enable optimal scaling in the new business field.

- 25.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Abenstein success story

Introduction of the Sales Cloud. All information clearly arranged in one system guarantees easy and professional handling of customers.

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- 25.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: AEB success story

Winning new customers made easy: The Sales Cloud as an international, central system. Customers and quotation data in one place.

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- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Fidor Bank success story

Focus on data security and transparency: international multi-cloud implementation allow for smooth processes in a cross-departmental solution.

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- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: ottonova success story

To ensure the highest level of data security, the data silos were dissolved. The result is a unified database, with high security standards and transparent processes.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: DAIKIN success story

Multi-cloud implementation: Sales and service departments work on a common platform. Seamless process flow and linking of all data in one place are thereby ensured.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: ProGlove success story

Perfect collaboration between marketing and sales. Digitization of both departments using Sales Cloud and Pardot implementation.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Forto success story

New sales process allows transparent customer and supplier management. Innovative forecasting tool for resource planning gives Forto a glimpse into the future.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Max ASP success story

Teach the teacher: become a Salesforce Pardot expert in a four-day intensive training including theory and practice.