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Industry challenge

The energy revolution demands digitization along the value chain. Focus on long-term customer loyalty.

Today, energy utilities have to face strict regulatory requirements, volatile price developments and new competitors. With the energy revolution, at the latest, it became clear that business models need to be rethought in order to become the industry’s pioneer. What energy suppliers need now: Solutions along the value chain and a focus on the most important thing: customers.

Whether you’re in power, gas, water, energy generation, transmission, or distribution – it’s time for change. Long-term customer loyalty is the keyword. Your customers are becoming more demanding: personalized and digital offerings, fast response times, on-demand services – and preferably via app. The new generation of customers and outdated service offerings don’t match. For long-term loyalty and success in your industry, excellent service is essential.

With a CRM system that you can access anywhere, anytime, you’ll close deals faster and always have a holistic view of customers and sales activities. The automation of internal processes prevents long waiting times and increases customer satisfaction. Employees from all departments are networked with each other, whether field sales staff, department managers or service staff. Delight the new generation of customers with smart tools like bots and live chats. Become a pioneer in the utility industry now – with smart apps, self-service offerings and proactivity.


Become a pioneer in the energy sector with digitization.

360-degree view of your customers

All contracts, terms and interactions at a glance. Keep track of all your customers’ and partners’ information.


Customer service that inspires

Efficient and intelligent customer support is essential today. Delight your customers with excellent service and short response times.

Speed up internal processes

Save time and increase employee efficiency with automated processes. Connectivity between departments enables short communication channels.

Salesforce Clouds

Cloud recommendations for energy providers


Regardless of whether you already use Salesforce as a CRM system or want to immerse yourself in the Salesforce world – we offer the right solution for the digitization of the energy industry. With our expertise, we address the industry-specific challenges directly and can offer you tailor-made solutions suitable for your company.

Customer management in one system

New impulses for the sales of energy suppliers: Increase new customer acquisition, customer management in one system and much more. As a personal sales assistant, the Sales Cloud shows you at a glance exactly the information you need to provide your customers with the best possible service. Benefit from lead, contact and opportunity management. Your pricing models are also stored transprently in Salesforce and can be communicated openly. This creates a transparent and objective framework for consumers.

To continuously improve your close rates, the Sales Cloud Einstein add-on analyzes your CRM data and provides recommendations on what steps you should take next to ensure a successful close.

Customer service redefined

Delight your customers with personalized support – anytime, anywhere. Use the Service Cloud to connect all your service agents, from the call center to the field (see Field Service Lightning), to offer your customers a seamless experience across all channels. Eliminate mountains of paper documents and deliver digital service that is fast, easy, and most importantly, understandable. Eliminate sources of error thanks to automated service processes.

You can also analyze how many and which
service requests are received via which channel and get support from smart helpers such as chatbots.

Smart customer service on site

With Field Service Lightning for your field service, you can also inspire customers on site! Collaborate with colleagues in real time and on the go, as well as access all relevant data, for example via tablet. Create work orders even faster and optimize schedules through smart assignment of orders.

Increase the first-solution rate: Einstein Vision’s image recognition enables you to quickly identify products and individual parts in images. Depending on how an image is categorized, the right steps are specified for smart and fast service for installation.

Increase customer loyalty

A platform for customers or partners as a flexible window in Salesforce: quickly provide your stakeholders with the most important information. With the Community Cloud, you can provide answers to frequently asked questions, for example about the relevant energy tariff, in the form of self-service portals. With communities around energy topics, you in turn increase customer loyalty.

Best of all, the communities are also available on the move! This means that communication with members, regardless of location and device, further increases their satisfaction.

Marketing with wow effect

Thanks to marketing automation, your customers are always up to date. Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports your strategy along the customer lifecycle and takes it to the next level. Communicate across all your channels – younger customers are especially active on social media. The trust of your customers is essential. So report transparently, from anywhere, and always at the right time.

The Marketing Cloud also helps you build long-term customer relationships. Turn customers into fans: with personalized marketing that inspires.


E.ON Success Story



Perfectly prepared for the Salesforce Administrators role in five days with the help of our intensive course. 2019 on-site – 2020 virtual. The training concept developed was adapted to each level of knowledge. With an alternation of theory and practice, we were able to achieve the best results.

Read the entire success story here


Achieve success with our personalized process solutions for energy providers.

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What do you want to know?

Salesforce for Utilities: Every company in your industry has different needs. Accordingly, our Salesforce Cloud recommendations are general. A combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud empowers you to create new momentum for your sales force, redefine how you serve your customers, delight your customers with new products and energy solutions, and deliver personalized marketing that leads to increased customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty.

As a cloud-based solution, Salesforce already offers numerous native customization options. As a Salesforce Boutique Partner, we know the industry-specific challenges and, with expertise in the energy supply sector, can adapt your Salesforce system to your needs. Using Salesforce or Custom Development, we will further develop the system as you need it. As a MuleSoft partner, we also offer you simple and intelligent integration of numerous systems, devices and applications. All around: Salesforce is as flexible as you are!

Set new standards with an innovative backup strategy and data protection you and your customers can trust: As a cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce protects the data of your customers and all your stakeholders from the start with encryption and centralized storage locations, as well as numerous backups and backups. Encryption keeps data inaccessible, so you can work with Salesforce with peace of mind. If you want additional encryption of your data streams, we can implement Salesforce Shield for you.

From experience, IT systems are operated by energy suppliers over a long period of time. Many proprietary developments and additional modules are in use, which makes a changeover increasingly difficult. However, this is not a problem: We implement the integration of Salesforce to your ERP system such as SAP or even a self-developed software for you. On the one hand, we use already existing API solutions of our partners. If this is not possible, our in-house development team will develop the interface itself and thus ensure a smooth exchange of data between the systems.

As a digitization partner, we first advise you on which clouds are geeginet for you and the digitization of your respective business processes. We also carry out the implementation and, if desired, support you beyond the go-live of your new system. We accompany you not only on a technical level in the digitization, but also enable an optimal transition to Salesforce thanks to targeted change management and Salesforce training or training with your employees.

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