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Travel, Transport & Hospitality

Industry challenge

Provide an excellent customer experience at all times. Stand out from the competition thanks to connectivity across all channels.


The travel, transportation and hospitality industry did not have an easy time in 2020. From sweeping restrictions and strict hygiene regulations to a complete standstill, the challenges were greater than ever. But the industry is picking up steam again. Right now, you can score points with customers and partners.

Networking is the name of the game – that means an individual and personalized customer experience at all times. Logistics and transportation companies and the carriers of tomorrow should seize new market opportunities now and use digital strategies to gain unique insights about your customers. Take advantage of Salesforce’s artificial intelligence. Know your customers’ wants and needs in advance and make personalized suggestions and recommendations based on them. The goal: top ratings and long-term customer loyalty.

Your customers are tech-savvy. Mobile accessibility and networking are not only desired, but are nowadays taken for granted by customers and partners. Agility and innovation are in demand. Serve multiple communication channels within a single platform – from phone and email to live chats and communities. Booking administrations, changes and possible queries are preferably handled via app.



Digitizing to become a sought-after company in the travel and transportation sector.

360-degree view of your customers

With the leading CRM platform, you have all important customer data at a glance. Every employee gets exactly the overview they need and can send the right offers at the right time.

Excellent customer experience

Provide your customers with mobile apps and tools to manage accounts and bookings and update their profile. Always send the right message at the right time and pick up your customers on an emotional level as well.

Personalization everywhere

Send your customers personalized messages and promotions that inspire them to take new actions. Make communities available for sharing with others – easily via app.

Connect your system of choice

Make your systems and data work together for connectivity across all systems. We’ll link your systems of choice to Salesforce – whether it’s an ERP system, app, or backend.


How Salesfive has already helped other travel and transportation companies.

ship with load


New sales process allows transparent customer and supplier management. Innovative forecasting tool for resource planning gives Forto a glimpse into the future.

Clouds used:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot



Read the entire success story here


Harmonization of the processes and the database of mydays and Jochen Schweizer on one platform. All partner and customer data of both brands in one central system led to a significant streamlining of purchasing and sales processes.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud




Read the entire success story here


Achieve success in the travel, transportation or hospitality industry with our personalized process solutions.


The right tools for you.

Turn customers into fans – with end-to-end communication along the customer journey.

Interact with your community, analyze sentiment, and share relevant content.

Intelligent sales processes boost new customer acquisition.

Drive a new way of communicating with email marketing. Automated yet personalized.

Discover trends earlier, plan resources optimally and get to know customers better thanks to AI & BI.

Excellent customer service creates long-term customer relationships. Score points with it.

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