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Leveraging potential with clever digital structures. How to succeed in a rapidly growing market.


Companies in the technology industry are currently encountering many challenges. Already highly developed technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT or cognitive computing as well as an instrumented and smart market do not make it easy for IT, software and technology companies to hold their ground in the extremely fast growing and changing market. Technological change means that players have to constantly reinvent themselves – even those who are active in this industry themselves.

What the tech industry needs now: productivity, adaptability, security. As a digitalization consultancy ourselves, we know the challenges of the industry and master them together with you. We support you with the right approaches to benefit from disruptions, to work in an agile manner and to move forward with new technologies. Last but not least, it is also important to make the best possible use of the huge amounts of data available and to work in a data-centric way with the help of Salesforce.

Central processes must be revolutionized, and the collaboration between man and machine optimized. Sales, service, and marketing paired with analytics and predictive intelligence help you better understand customers. With a single enterprise-wide database, you guarantee a flexible and user-friendly solution for your employees and partners – and ultimately for your customers. That way, you enable everyone to do their best and counter the volatility of the industry with something permanent: seamless work within a single platform.


Digitizing to become a transformative technology company.

360-degree view of your customers

Customers, partners, suppliers and service providers – that’s how you have all the important information at a glance. Well-organized networking helps maintain relationships over the long term.

Excellent user experience

Place targeted offers and products along the customer journey to provide your customers with a unique buying experience.

Easy campaign management

With marketing automation, increase your campaign count, generate more leads, and boost your bottom line. Run smart ads that resonate.

Excellent customer relationships

Connect with your customers thanks to personalized customer journeys. Know what your customers want thanks to AI and analytics.


How Salesfive has already helped other IT companies.

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User-friendly CRM system to optimize sales processes. Quotation creation and sending directly from Salesforce.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud


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Winning new customers made easy: The Sales Cloud as an international, central system. Customers and quotation data in one place.

Cloud used:

  • Sales Cloud


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Achieve success with our personalized process solutions for high performance IT companies.


The right tools for you.

Document all information and activities in one system – from customer to partner.

Exploits the potential of your data and analyzes the behavior of your customers. So you can be one step ahead.

Always the right content at the right time in the customer journey with marketing automation.

Personalized customer support increases customer satisfaction – turn your customers into fans.

Automatically create the correct offers in your design every time – no matter how complex your offer is.

Turn customers into fans with excellent marketing efforts.

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