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Industry challenge

Digital transformation demands clear strategies and connectivity. As a connected store, you are the future.

Change is part of the business in retail. The industry is experiencing constant change. That’s why players in the retail sector must constantly adapt to transformations and new competitors.

Companies in this sector must now shift to new, adaptable business models and fully exploit their potential.
Consumers are buying more and more through digital channels – whether it’s clothing, groceries or other goods. Through digital solutions, you can perfectly combine stationary retail and e-commerce to pick up all customers at different touchpoints of the buying process. Offer them a personalized buying experience across all channels.

Become a Connected Store.

Today, inspiration in different retail segments is obtained through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and their influencers. Even though the trend is toward online shopping, that doesn’t mean stationary retail is becoming irrelevant. But it does mean that you need to know your customers needs even better so that you can always send the right message at the right time with personalized advertising. Show your customers what they need – even if they don’t know it themselves yet. Provide excellent advice, online and offline.

On-demand services mean higher customer satisfaction, which in turn means long-term customer loyalty. Salesforce is the perfect fit because it combines all the components you need – marketing, sales, service, and e-commerce.


With digitalization to a Connected Store.

Unique customer experiences

Use all the channels at your disposal to inspire your customers. Provide a consistent buying experience, in brick-and-mortar retail and online.

Personalize the shopping experience

Get to know your customers at every step of the customer journey. Get your customers on an emotional level with personalized advertising.

Consulting par excellence

Make all customer information available to your employees, on site and online. This is how you guarantee excellent guidance: Customer service – simple and effective.

Salesforce Clouds

Cloud recommendations for the retail industry.

Whether you are already using Salesforce as your CRM system, or are new to the Salesforce world, we have the right solution for retail digitization. With our expertise and reference projects, we respond directly to the industry-specific challenges and can offer you tailor-made solutions suitable for your company.

A cloud for a networked, digital customer journey

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers both B2B and B2C retailers a platform for all matters relating to commerce. Optimize your customers’ shopping experience by linking all relevant channels such as online shop, social media, newsletters and even your digital store. Start campaigns quickly and easily. The functions range from creating an online shop with an optimized mobile presence to equipping your merchandise and service employees. You can also standardize your products, prices and catalogs in the Commerce Cloud. This means that all employees have real-time access to the necessary information at all times.

Digital store and sales management

With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, not only the classic sales channel or purchasing can be mapped. The management of the merchandising employees and the sales figures can also be documented and managed in the system. Automate your processes according to your wishes: An (internal or external) employee should, for example, check a store every two months or place new products. You can work with targeted processes and set regular reminders and tasks. If the store is visited, a follow-up task is automatically created – if something is wrong or a repair has to be made – your employee works in the flow.

More about the Salesforce Sales Cloud

One system for all customer concerns, returns and advice

Excellent customer service is the key to success in retail. Whether B2B or B2C customers, with perfect customer service you are one step closer to turning your customers into fans. Thanks to the clear ticket system and a 360-degree view of all information and details about the customer, issues can be resolved faster and more efficiently. Whether questions about the services or products, orders over the phone, warranty processing or returns – all concerns are clarified in one system. With the integration of your various channels such as social media, the contact form on the website or telephone, all inquiries are uniformly entered into the system.

More about the Salesforce Service Cloud

Marketing along the customer journey: individual & data-driven

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports your strategy along the customer lifecycle and takes it to the next level. Thanks to the combination of your own data (behavior on the website, shopping behavior and also the insights about your customers through your loyalty program) with external studies, you can create more precise personas and use them to design the various measures. The functions range from personalized newsletters to social media activities and personalized product suggestions in the online shop. Speaking of the online shop: paired with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can easily adapt your campaigns in the online shop and thus combine all channels.

More about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A portal for customers, partners or employees

The possibilities of the Salesforce Experience Cloud are numerous. Whether for internal collaboration and the sharing of important KPIs and information between the departments, or for communication with partners and suppliers: give your stakeholders a portal in which they can act independently and provide information in Can see in real time. This saves you long communication channels and the sharing of key figures via presentations. Use your data and exploit the full potential! In conformity with CI and with different rights and role concepts, you can determine what the portal looks like and who has which access.

More about the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Social media as a new medium of data generation

With Salesforce Social Studio you can map your social media management in one platform. From the creation and management of postings across all channels to community management.

The specialty of Social Studio: Social Listening. Regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C retailer, this tool brings you closer to your end customers. Monitor discussions and exchanges of views in your community. The AI-based sentiment analyzes help you to recognize the satisfaction of your customers more quickly and to counteract possible negative feedback more quickly.

Get started in the cloud faster with the MuleSoft Industry Templates

MuleSoft networks with the solutions for retail marketing, service & commerce on all devices and apps. MuleSoft offers a reliable integration and API platform and thus makes it possible to easily network all desired applications and systems with the Salesforce Clouds. The integrations lead to a seamless shopping experience for your customers. You can also fulfill customers’ requests to shop via various channels – with the integration of social media, the web and the store system in Salesforce. The Industry Template offers many other functions and already existing templates to digitize the specific requirements in retail.


How Salesfive has already helped other retailers.

Terra Canis

Traceability and transparency: documentation of all service and marketing activities in one system. Nurturing new and existing customer relationships thanks to automated email campaigns integrated into the customer lifecycle.

Clouds used:

  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot



Read the entire success story here


Ganzheitliche Prozesse in der Cloud und eine offline Anwendung für den Vertriebsaußendienst. Bestellungen, Vertragsunterzeichnungen und Lieferprozess aus einem benutzerfreundlichen System.

Verwendete Cloud:

  • Sales Cloud




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With our solutions for retail to success.

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What do you want to know?

The Commerce Cloud consists of several sub-areas, including B2B Commerce and B2C Commerce. The complete solutions can of course also be used separately, but unfold their full potential when they work together. Used together, the cloud-based software provides seamless eCommerce. With the respective specific applications, your employees can work transparently on a database, which in turn enables easier data exchange.

Networked departments and collaboration in one system – Salesforce as the basis for a professional, digital infrastructure. With the various Salesforce solutions, you can digitally map all processes and departments: from marketing to the online shop to purchasing and store management. The advantage is obvious: you become an omnichannel retailer and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers, sustainably increase your sales and offer your employees a simple and new way of working.

As a cloud-based solution, Salesforce already offers numerous native customization options. As a Salesforce Boutique Partner, we know the industry-specific challenges and can use our retail expertise to adapt your Salesforce system to your needs. Using Salesforce or Custom Development, we further develop the system as you need it. As a MuleSoft partner, we also offer you a simple and intelligent integration of numerous systems, devices and applications. All around: Salesforce is as flexible as you!

With the Commerce Cloud, Salesforce offers the possibility of easily creating an online shop (mobile & desktop). However, Salesforce can be connected to your shop system using existing third-party applications or custom development to your desired shop system. Other software or solutions can also be connected. This means that you can also connect the system in which you manage your stocks or your partnerships to Salesforce.

As a cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce protects your data with encryption and central storage locations as well as numerous backups and backups right from the start. Thanks to the encryption, the data cannot be accessed and you can work with Salesforce with peace of mind. If you would like additional encryption of your data streams, you can introduce Salesforce Shield.

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