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Digitalization, globalization & security: The three keywords for the future of public authorities.

Public offices and governments with their various different levels are facing the pressure to innovate and be transparent. Employees in administration, states, cities, municipalities, colleges, universities and many other parties in the public sector must now think across the board to ensure their future sustainability.

Governments must master diverse challenges in the interest of the population. Often, several complex issues are interconnected – digitalization, globalization, security. With the enduring goal of safeguarding the well-being of citizens, the question remains in the public sector:

How must governments structure themselves in the future to be there for their citizens?

The call for transparency and information is growing louder. Public revenues must be made transparent, and the best possible use of funds must be guaranteed. At the same time, always looking to the future, keeping up with the changing times and getting closer to the citizens can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. As a Salesforce partner, we can help you achieve a fast and smooth digital transformation, which you can in turn use to your advantage.

To give you an example: When citizens have questions, the path to the right point of contact is long and tiresome, and more often than not, the contact person isn’t the right one after all. Criticism and dissatisfaction increase. Salesforce puts an end to this.

Thanks to the all-round view of every customer and citizen, your employees always have an overview, can react quickly, internal processes are accelerated and general satisfaction increases. With personalized support and the right information at the right time, new opportunities will open up. Meet the pressure to innovate and digitize now.


With digitization to a transparent company in the public sector.

360-degree view of all stakeholders

All employees of your company or organization get the most important data of citizens, stakeholders and partners at a glance. User roles make it easy to hide data that is not required. This way, your employees always maintain an overview.

Speed up internal processes

Use the digital transformation to your advantage. With the help of Salesforce, you can optimize services and accelerate internal processes – all in the interest of your citizens.

A unified IT landscape

Let your systems and data work together to ensure connectivity across all systems. We link your desired systems, such as your ERP system, your own app, or your backend to Salesforce.

Create a security concept

You are in contact with a wide variety of sensitive data. Salesforce as the first cloud provider with the “Verified data protection” seal of approval guarantees the protection of this data. Salesforce also offers Salesforce Shield, an additional product that guarantees data security.


With Salesfive & Salesforce as digital authorities to success.

With digital transformation to more productivity, employee motivation and satisfaction of your citizens and partners. Use Salesforce as a CRM system for customers and citizens. We take care of the digitalization of all areas with a custom-fit integration into your system landscape. Giving you a sustainable advantage for the future.

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How can Salesfive support you?

As a Salesforce partner, we accompany you from the planning of the digitization and CRM strategy to the Salesforce implementation and Salesforce training. In doing so, we optimally integrate your new solution into your existing system landscape and enable smooth processes. We not only accompany you into digitization on a technical level, but also enable an optimal transition to Salesforce thanks to targeted change management and individual Salesforce training.

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The right tools for you.

Salesforce as a CRM system that brings government and citizens together.

Get in direct contact with your citizens, voters or stakeholders: personalized email marketing campaigns.

Quickly provide employees, government agencies, and customers with the most relevant information.

Interact directly with citizens, constituents or your personal audience via social media.

Get rid of mountains of paper documents and provide digital service that’s fast, easy and understandable.

Monitor the current state of your organization with smart analytics, identify and solve key problems, and learn from your authority’s data.

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