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Making the world a better place requires the highest level of focus on your projects. Digitization helps you do just that.

Non-profit organizations help in a wide range of areas such as human rights, environmental protection, migration or development work. However, NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) often face complex challenges. Digital approaches help overcome these barriers with customized solutions.

As an NPO and NGO, you count on support from donation revenue. Therefore, you need to be well connected with your donors, maintain relationships on a personal level, and offer complete transparency. Often, a potential donation fails because people don’t know exactly where their money is going. You can avoid this by being open about what the donations will be used for. Get your community involved and interact with them. Use marketing reports and analytics to create transparency with your supporters and communicate honestly with them.

Innovation takes courage – be bold and show people how you are changing the world. Focus on what matters – digitizing your donation management will help you do that. With an automated donation journey, you can secure a long-term relationship with your donors on the one hand, and work more efficiently and focus on your mission and projects on the other. It all starts with a central overview of interactions with supporters, members, volunteers and partners. Speed up internal processes – from pledges to payments, from automated creation and sending of donation receipts to personalized fundraising campaigns. With especially attractive terms and the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can get started right away. Are you ready to make the world a better place even easier?


Digitizing to become an impactful organization.

360-degree view of your donors

All members of your organization get key data at a glance and can build personal relationships with your supporters.

Communication through and through

Smart donation management instead of transfer slips – collect donations via the website and process them directly within the system.

Build long-term relationships

Involve your supporters and reach out to them personally. Use personalized fundraising to strengthen long-term connections while achieving organizational goals.

Volunteer management

Use your employees wisely. Management and organization in terms of shifts, hours, residencies, and personal details can all be accessed on a single platform.


How Salesfive has already helped other nonprofits.

Neven Subotic makes a comparison from the water

Neven Subotic Stiftung

Ein zentrales System für alle Spender- und Projektdaten. Personalisierte Spendenaktionen über die Website anbieten und in Salesforce abwickeln als neue Möglichkeit, die Projekte voranzutreiben.

Verwendete Clouds:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud

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You Stiftung

Durch die Implementierung der Sales Cloud schufen wir ein zentrales System mit einheitlicher Datenstruktur und automatisierten Prozessen für ein transparentes Spendenmanagement.

Verwendete Clouds:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud

Lesen Sie hier die gesamte Erfolgsgeschichte


Achieve success with our personalized process solutions for NGOs and NPOs.


The right tools for you.

Connects fundraising, project management, marketing and engagement for you.

Provide a platform for your partners to share and keep track of different projects.

Delight your customers with personalized marketing.

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Helps you get to know your supporters even better and inform them about new projects.

Use the potential of artificial intelligence to identify trends.

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