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Cloud-enabled manufacturing

Industry challenge

Accept the challenges of globalization and revolution. Emerge stronger than ever with clear digitization strategies.

The trend in the manufacturing industry is strongly towards individualized products. Off-the-shelf offerings are a discontinued model in many areas. Customers contribute – regardless of whether it is function, shape, material or color. But more complex specifications often have to be coordinated.

This means that sales, production and service must be networked and digitized. The solution: digitalization with a CRM system, smart and cross-departmental. The transfer of data and information in real time gives your employees the chance to always respond to the wishes of the customers – on demand. Effective cooperation between all departments is achieved with digital strategies: from the first contact to the order and transfer of the order to production – from the click behavior in the marketing newsletter to the phone call with the customer service representative. All in one system.

Digital transformation in service for office and field staff is indispensable today. Signing protocols by hand was yesterday – give your employees a mobile device. With the Salesforce solution Field Service Lightning, service requests are automatically imported and processed. Intelligent resource planning enables a high level of efficiency. Orders, including directions, required materials and detailed repair description, are transferred directly to the app and your employees know immediately what needs to be done.


With digitalization to the smart manufacturing company.

360-degree customer perspective

Keep track of all the players in your supply chain: customers, partners and supplier data. Collaboration platforms and automation make work easier so that you can concentrate on the most important thing: your business.

Connected Departments

Connect sales, order management, logistics and service in one ecosystem. Thanks to automated processes, all systems work seamlessly with one another and thus increase quality and effectiveness in all matters.


Smart customer service

Offer your customers, whether B2B or B2C, suppliers and partners, excellent customer service. Handling of all inquiries using an omni-channel solution via one system – quickly and easily. Digital field service with tablet as the face of your company.

Salesforce Clouds

Cloud recommendations for manufacturing companies.


Regardless of whether you already use Salesforce as a CRM system or want to immerse yourself in the Salesforce world – we offer the right solution for the digitization of the manufacturing industry. With our expertise and numerous reference projects, we respond directly to the industry-specific challenges and can offer you tailor-made solutions suitable for your company.

Digital sales for more efficiency.

With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, we digitize your sales processes together and transform your customers and employees into cloud users. A realignment of strategic sales to win new markets is supported by meaningful reports and AI-supported forecasting.

With automated processes, from the initial contact to order processing, all activities take place seamlessly and transparently. All activities (office and field service) are documented in one system.

More about the Salesforce Sales Cloud

Simply create offers.

The manufacturing industry is characterized by a wide variety of products with different variants and individual parts. Individual offers and personalized products go hand in hand with the industrial revolution. Say goodbye to complex circumstances and save time and errors with simple quotation via Salesforce CPQ.

The system guides your employees through the entire process of preparing offers. Product variants, different prices, discounts, guarantees or currencies are stored in the catalog and can be easily selected. Finally, the document is created in conformity with the CI. With stored conditions and assignment logic, the offers are automatically assigned for control.

More about Salesforce CPQ

B2B marketing automation.

Achieve more business deals by automatically addressing customers, partners and dealers. Determine at what point in time and on the basis of which interactions which e-mails are sent to the various actors in a personalized manner. Thanks to “e-mail journeys”, newsletters and messages are automatically sent to customers.

Network with your customers and partners thanks to real-time notifications and send dynamic and personalized messages. With the link to your website, you can identify potential customers at an early stage and qualify them right from the start.

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One portal for all concerns – flexible and expandable.

The Salesforce Community Cloud enables companies in the manufacturing industry a new type of supply chain relationship management: collaboration portals for suppliers, partners or customers!

Different areas of application:

  • Supply Chain Management mit allen Akteur:innen der Lieferkette: Zusammenarbeit in einem Portal
  • Supplier Portal: View orders, delivery status, invoices and much more
  • Independent recording and management of warranty cases
  • Self-service community for customers (B2B and / or B2C)

More about the Salesforce Community Cloud

Digital service that inspires.

With Salesforce you bring your office and field service together in one platform. Your employees have direct access to all the data they need from actors and machines – for efficient service, satisfied customers and dealers, and increasing sales.

Service cases are immediately transferred to a system via omni-channel channels such as website, telephone or a portal and are assigned to the responsible employees there. If the case cannot be resolved in-house, the ticket is passed on directly to the field service and a possible appointment is made. The digital service increases customer satisfaction and increases efficiency.

More about the Salesforce Service Cloud

Elegant field service with a mobile device.

Your service technicians as the face of the company: thanks to the app for the digital field service. The planning of all appointments, employees and resources of the field service takes place in a central system and using AI the planning can also be carried out automatically.

Your sales force only needs one thing for all matters: the mobile device with Salesforce Field Service Lightning. The entire appointment is processed on site via the tablet – from order acceptance to troubleshooting and resource planning to digital invoicing and payment as well as forwarding to the internal departments.

More about Salesforce Field Service Lightning


How Salesfive has already helped other manufacturing companies.


Multi-cloud implementation: Sales and service departments work on a common platform. Seamless process flow and linking of all data in one place are thereby ensured.

Clouds used:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • CPQ
  • Field Service Lightning

Read the entire success story here


Digitization along the customer journey: sales, marketing, internal and external service through to warranty processing.

Clouds used:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Community Cloud
  • Social Studio

Read the entire success story here


Achieve success as a digital manufacturing company with our personalized process solutions.

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What do you want to know?

A CRM system like Salesforce is suitable for companies of any size. Thanks to the scalable and expandable functions, growth with Salesforce is possible for any company size. An introduction to start-ups helps to scale thanks to the clear database and automation. For medium-sized companies and corporations, digitalization with Salesforce offers the advantage that all departments are networked in a cloud and can therefore work together efficiently and transparently. There is a suitable solution for every company size and every need.

Networked departments and collaboration in one system – Salesforce as the basis for a professional, digital infrastructure. Product, customer, partner or machine data are networked and serve as a central database. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, partners, suppliers and your entire supply chain. Digitalization in service gives you a sustainable competitive advantage, as you save time and resources, increase efficiency through automation and increase customer satisfaction in the long term.

As a cloud-based solution, Salesforce already offers numerous native customization options. As a Salesforce Boutique Partner, we know the industry-specific challenges and can use our expertise in the manufacturing industry to adapt your Salesforce system to your needs. Using Salesforce or Custom Development, we further develop the system as you need it. The connection of your ERP or business software, we solve with our developers.

The integration of Salesforce with an ERP system such as SAP or with a software developed in-house can be implemented in two ways. On the one hand, we use existing API solutions from our partners. If this is not possible, our in-house development team develops the interface itself and thus ensures a smooth exchange of data between the systems. You can determine yourself which data and how the transfer takes place.

As a cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce protects your data with encryption and central storage locations as well as numerous backups and backups right from the start. Thanks to the encryption, the data cannot be accessed and you can work with Salesforce with peace of mind. If you would like additional encryption of your data streams, you can introduce Salesforce Shield.

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