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The future of the healthcare and life sciences industry is healthcare on-demand. Focus on the patient.


The healthcare industry is caught between high regulatory requirements and increasing pressure to innovate. Add to this the high expectations of patients and customers.
Digital strategies help with the challenge of connecting data, people and tools.
Agility is now required in the healthcare and life sciences industry. The patient must be in focus and able to understand the added value of different actions (and medications). The “social” part of the healthcare industry needs to be strengthened.

The demand for healthcare on-demand is getting louder. Lack of information must no longer be an issue, especially in this industry. Who should have access to what information? Which sites and work areas should be linked? What adjustments need to be made? These and similar questions can be solved with the help of Salesforce. Information also needs to be personalized. Improve the relationship with patients and customers through excellent customer experiences, interactions across a wide range of channels, and education about medication. Anytime, anywhere – including mobile.

Create custom communities where patients can connect with doctors, partners, or other stakeholders. In other words, put the patient back at the center. Identify your opportunities to expand and use digitalization to your advantage now.


Using digitization to become a connected healthcare company of the future.

360-degree view of your patients

Get a complete view of patient history, demographics and health information – all in one platform, at a glance.

Patient and appointment management

Connect all your data and systems to deliver world-class patient and appointment management. Efficient scheduling also increases customer satisfaction.

Service that inspires

Provide excellent service to your customers and patients via live chats and messaging. Keep adding features and responding from anywhere with connectivity across multiple devices.

Smart patient care

Care for patients across all channels or on-site. Digital connectivity allows the right staff to communicate with the right patients to get results efficiently.


How Salesfive has already helped other healthcare organizations.

Hair & Skin

Sales Cloud Einführung noch vor Eröffnung der 1. Geschäftsstelle: Salesforce für ein digitales Patientenmanagement inklusive Termin- und Dokumentenverwaltung.

Verwendete Cloud:

  • Sales Cloud

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Seit der ersten Sekunde setzt bestsmile auf die skalierbaren und flexiblen Lösungen von Salesforce. Die Digitalisierung der Customer Journey und präzise Analytics unterstützten das enorme Wachstum von bestsmile.

Verwendete Cloud:

  • Sales Cloud

Lesen Sie hier die gesamte Erfolgsgeschichte


Achieve success in the healthcare industry with our personalized process solutions.


The right tools for you.

Personalize and connect patient care to build stronger relationships.

Smart customer service enables omnichannel care and fast response times.

Delight your customers with personalized marketing.

Marketing automation for ongoing communication with patients or partners.

Provide a platform for your partners to share and keep track of different projects.

Boost new customer acquisition and ensure a sustainable increase in sales.

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