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Consumer Packaged Goods

Industry challenge

Stand out even in saturated markets. Deliver wow experiences through digital transformation.


Customers today know exactly where to get the best product for their money. In saturated markets, consumers are spoiled for choice – there’s more variety than ever. To ensure that the choice falls on you and your brand, you need to have an intimate knowledge of your customers’ behavior.

Use the digital transformation to your advantage and secure competitive advantages with innovative technologies. This requires flexibility and the courage to change. Lift customer loyalty to a new, personal level and create wow experiences for long-term customer loyalty. Convince with intelligent and personalized customer experiences and interactions. You want to sell experiences and tell stories – we support you in doing so. Using Salesforce as a customer relationship management system, artificial intelligence and data analytics helps you increase sales and brand loyalty.

Technology is growth. Serve multiple channels – within a single platform, at any time and from anywhere, even via app. This allows you to answer customer inquiries directly and create shorter response times and higher customer satisfaction. With the help of a new CRM system, you will achieve the outcome that will convince customers of your brand. Create attractive purchase incentives that no one can say “no” to. At the same time, provide your employees with the right tools to give customers the best possible advice. By digitizing along the value chain and connecting at every touchpoint with every player, you can now become a pioneer in your industry.


Using digitization to become a consumer goods company with a wow effect.

360-degree view of your customers

Keep track of all data from customers, partners, suppliers and dealers. Automations make your work easier so you can focus on what’s most important: selling.

Excellent brand experience

Strengthen the relationship between customer and brand. Always send the right message at the right time and pick up the customer on an emotional level.

Service that inspires

With smart customer service across all channels, you can amaze customers with fast response times and the right answers.

Connect anytime, anywhere

Be connected across channels and locations with your partners and B2B customers. Always offer the right products at the right time to drive sales.


How Salesfive has already helped other consumer goods companies.


Pflege und Ausbau von Neu- und Bestandskundenbeziehungen dank automatisierten Marketingkampagnen – integriert in den Kundenlebenszyklus als Hebel für die Absatzsteigerung.

Verwendete Cloud:

  • Pardot



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terra canis logo

Terra Canis

Nachvollziehbarkeit und Transparenz: Dokumentation aller Service- und Marketingaktivitäten in einem System. Pflege von Neu- und Bestandskundenbeziehungen dank automatisierten E-Mail-Kampagnen integriert in den Kundenlebenszyklus.

Verwendete Clouds:

  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot


Lesen Sie hier die gesamte Erfolgsgeschichte


Achieve success as a networked consumer packaged goods provider with our personalized process solutions.


The right tools for you.

Manage your B2C or B2B customers from one platform. Boost your sales.

Bring the right products to the right store. Be connected to all your retailers and partners anytime, anywhere.

Delight your customers with personalized marketing.

Your path to smart online sales – suitable for B2B and B2C.

Service that convinces. Fast response times. Cross-channel. Simple.

Helps you get to know your customers even better, analyze and manage content.

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