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Industry challenge

Stand out even in saturated markets. Deliver wow experiences through digital transformation.

Customers today know exactly where to get the best product for their money. In saturated markets, consumers are spoiled for choice – there’s more variety than ever. To ensure that the choice falls on you and your brand, you need to have an intimate knowledge of your customers’ behavior.

Use the digital transformation to your advantage and secure competitive advantages with innovative technologies. This requires flexibility and the courage to change. Lift customer loyalty to a new, personal level and create wow experiences for long-term customer loyalty. Convince with intelligent and personalized customer experiences and interactions. You want to sell experiences and tell stories – we support you in doing so. Using Salesforce as a customer relationship management system, artificial intelligence and data analytics helps you increase sales and brand loyalty.

Technology is growth. Serve multiple channels – within a single platform, at any time and from anywhere, even via app. This allows you to answer customer inquiries directly and create shorter response times and higher customer satisfaction. With the help of a new CRM system, you will achieve the outcome that will convince customers of your brand. Create attractive purchase incentives that no one can say “no” to. At the same time, provide your employees with the right tools to give customers the best possible advice. By digitizing along the value chain and connecting at every touchpoint with every player, you can now become a pioneer in your industry.


Using digitization to become a consumer goods company with a wow effect.

Excellent brand experience

Strengthen the relationship between customer and brand. Always send the right message at the right time and pick up the customer on an emotional level.

360-degree view of your customers

Maintain an overview of all data from customers, partners, suppliers and dealers. Automation makes work easier. You focus on the most important thing: selling.

Connect anytime, anywhere

Be connected across channels and locations with your partners and B2B customers. Always offer the right products at the right time to drive sales.

Salesforce Clouds

Cloud recommendations

Regardless of whether you already use Salesforce as a CRM system or want to immerse yourself in the Salesforce world – we offer the right solution for the digitization of the consumer goods and retail sectors. With our expertise and reference projects, we respond directly to the industry-specific challenges and can offer you tailor-made solutions suitable for your company.

Seamless B2B CRM solution for your industry

With the Consumer Goods Cloud, you have the option of using an entire platform that has been specially designed for your industry. Map your entire B2B processes within a cloud. Maintain relationships with suppliers, dealers and the stores that sell your products. External and internal staff work hand in hand and on the same data. Linked to your ERP system, you have an overview of the entire supply chain. Task and field service planning takes place digitally, mobile and intuitively in the form of action plans. The automatic route planning of Salesforce Maps always shows your sales teams in the field the fastest route. Maintain personal contact with store managers. Check the retail execution with AI on site: Are your products right and are enough of them still available? Plan all promotions, collections and the seasonal product range as well as the associated discount promotions in the system and report them to the outside world.

Fast & intuitive key account management

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is not only the ultimate sales tool, it is also perfect for your key account management. With the “Single Source of Truth” solution, you exceed the expectations of your customers again. Thanks to the 360-degree view of your key accounts – from anywhere, anytime, also via the mobile app – and constant real-time updates in the system, you will make your customers happy. And can respond to inquiries at any time.

Reports, dashboards, forecasting tools, lead management, price and quotation creation are just some of the functions of the Sales Cloud. Close orders even faster. The system is flexibly scalable and grows with your company!

More about the Salesforce Sales Cloud

Your online shops – for B2B and B2C

Online shops in the consumer goods and retail sectors are trendy! More and more everyday goods are being ordered online. Your B2B customers have different needs than your B2C customers. So why not two online shops that also relieve you of manual work, enable self-service and make use of upselling opportunities?

Offer your B2B customers an online shop in which they can act independently. Large orders and orders are processed there yourself, discount promotions and price lists are stored by you. In your B2C online shop, you enable your shoppers to shop comfortably via mobile device and, thanks to checkout optimization, avoid abandoned shopping carts.


Excellent customer service is the be-all and end-all

With the Salesforce Service Cloud you can offer your customers and partners an all-round excellent service. For B2B and / or B2C: thanks to a simple ticket system, your employees can process all your inquiries in a coordinated and efficient manner, regardless of whether they come via email, self-service portal or social media. Thanks to the clear customer history, your employees can specifically address the individual and thus resolve service cases more quickly and efficiently.

More about the Service Cloud

Create portals for concerns and actors

With the Salesforce Experience Cloud, you give your customers their own portal in Salesforce. Thanks to individual adaptation, a self-determined rights and role system and the free design in CI, you can decide what you want to use the Salesforce Experience Cloud for.

For B2C customers, for example, you can set up a customer portal in which orders and all information about the loyalty program can be viewed. In addition, you can relieve your service employees with FAQs and the possibility of self-service.
A self-service portal is also suitable in the B2B area. Service or warranty inquiries can be entered here directly. In connection with the B2B online shop, you offer your customers a platform for all concerns.

More about the Experience Cloud


How Salesfive has already been able to help other consumer goods & retail companies.


Maintaining and expanding new and existing customer relationships thanks to automated marketing campaigns – integrated into the customer lifecycle as a key to increase sales.

Cloud used:

  • Pardot




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Terra Canis

Traceability and transparency: documentation of all service and marketing activities in one system. Nurturing new and existing customer relationships thanks to automated email campaigns integrated into the customer lifecycle.

Clouds used:

  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot



Read the entire success story here


Achieve success as a networked consumer packaged goods provider with our personalized process solutions.

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What do you want to know?

Basically, almost all Salesforce products are suitable for use in the consumer goods and retail sectors. With the Consumer Goods Cloud, however, you can map your entire B2B processes and maintain relationships with all of your stakeholders. Combine this with the Marketing Cloud and create AI-based, optimized purchase incentives. The Commerce Cloud provides your B2B and B2C customers with easy-to-use online shops. Sales and Service Cloud are also recommended – for optimized key account management and excellent customer service.

Promote engagement and seamless communication: Your end users are demanding more and more. They know where to get the best value for money. With Salesforce by Salesfive you stand out even in saturated markets. With the various Salesforce Clouds, you can get to know your customers even better, listen to them and determine new consumer segments. Salesfive’s industry expertise brings you exactly where you need to be: right at the front. For consumer goods companies, Salesforce by Salesfive means agility, increased customer satisfaction and the decisive competitive advantage.

As a cloud-based solution, Salesforce already offers numerous native customization options. As a Salesforce Boutique Partner, we know the industry-specific challenges and can use our expertise in the consumer goods and retail sectors to adapt your Salesforce system to your needs. We use Salesforce or Custom Development to further develop the system according to your requirements. As a Tableau partner, for example, we use AI-supported tools to enable you to make precise recommendations and take immediate action based on the analyzes. The possibilities are endless!

The answer is: of course! We link your ERP and all in-house systems around the supply chain with your CRM system, in this case Salesforce, and let all your systems swim in sync. With a digital supply chain, all employees and departments work on one platform. You can see the various flows of goods and delivery through to shipping with a 360-degree view: Optimal monitoring of all production and supply chains thanks to the link between ERP and CRM.

As a cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce protects your data with encryption and central storage locations as well as numerous backups and backups right from the start. Thanks to the encryption, the data cannot be accessed and you can work with Salesforce with peace of mind. If you would like additional encryption of your data streams, you can introduce Salesforce Shield.

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