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On the road to the future. Digitization enables you to bridge the gap between modern driving and new value chains.

The automotive industry is at the dawn of a new age. On the one hand, there is the ecosystem of modern driving; on the other, the classic value chain is under threat. One thing is certain: the fundamental usage concept of a vehicle is changing. What to do? Build a new network. Enter into alliances and profit from networking with existing partners.

Dare to move forward – win tomorrow’s customers with the help of digitization without fear of technological progress. The way we use vehicles is changing. Likewise, the demands of drivers are evolving. E-mobility, connectivity, connected driving – expectations of a vehicle are continuously rising. Even autonomous driving for all is on the horizon. Agility is everything – now it’s time to create new business models.

Use the digital transformation to your advantage. Offer your customers a new customer experience through personalized marketing, even directly in the vehicle. Attract prospective customers for test drives, strengthen and improve the relationship between driver and retailer. Inspire customers while making it easier for your employees to work in a transparent system. Break new ground and drive successfully with our Salesforce solutions.


Become the connected mobility service provider of the future through digitization.

360-degree view of your customers

All members of the value chain can work together in one cloud. For your customers, this means short response times and high-quality support.

Smart customer service

Efficient and intelligent customer support is essential these days. Delight your customers by always being one step ahead.

Uniqueness is everything

Stand out in the market. Create unique experiences for your customers. Rethink the customer relationship and turn your customers into fans.

Strengthen partnerships

Start the new era as a winner with fresh business models and an optimized network. All your partners will be informed about products, announcements and much more within one platform.


Truma Success Story



Digitization along the entire customer journey through a multi-cloud implementation for sales, marketing, service, office and field service up to warranty processing.

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Achieve success with our personalized process solutions for the automotive industry.


The right tools for you.

Digitize your distribution for easy and unified customer management.

Create automated quotes and contracts in your corporate identity.

Delight with excellent service and fast response times.

Create a customer lifecycle – automated actions included.

Get to know your customers even better through interactions on social media.

Make your data work for you and look to the future with analytics and forecasting.

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