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More than a promise

Salesforce by Salesfive

Salesfive Facts

Numbers don’t lie.

“Salesforce by Salesfive” is our promise of quality to you. These numbers serve as our seal of approval. So with our help, you’re guaranteed to find the optimal path to the cloud. We make everything possible for you!

Our rapidly growing customer base, a large number of successfully completed projects and the acquisition of all relevant certificates reflect our diverse expertise. We can provide you with the entire Salesforce spectrum as an all-round package (- and more.) Trust our experienced consultants and listen to satisfied customer testimonials.

Eight of our employees have been selected to work even more closely with Salesforce (in acquisition) as part of the Cloud Futura program. This allows us to further intensify our already strong bond.

Salesforce Certificates
Ø 3,6
Avg. Certificates per Consultant
Cloud Futura Candidates

Best scores.
4.9 of 5

We are only happy when you are! This is more than just a motto: On average our customers rate us an incredible 4.9 out of 5 in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Personal consulting, partnership support and out-of-the-box thinking have proven themselves and strengthen us in our vision.


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Our references

Salesforce Partner Status

Platinum in 3.. 2.. 1..

First Registered Partner, shortly afterwards Silver, then Gold – and finally Platinum status in just 3 years. According to Salesforce, a new record in the German market! This is also in line with the rapid growth of our company and customer base.

Salesforce evaluates partner status based on various metrics such as customer satisfaction, number of successful projects and number of certificates. We were able to succeed in all categories! Many thanks at this point to Salesforce for the appreciation of our work.

Formula for Success

Hey Siri… what is Salesforce + Salesfive?

Benefit from the world’s leading CRM platform and one of the leading digitalization consultancies. Salesforce provides the tools, we master the craft. The formula for success is simple:

The best CRM System
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The best way into the cloud
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Digital Natives
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The best of both worlds

Salesforce Clouds

Like meteorology, only different.

We implement any Salesforce Cloud for you.

Our partnerships

With our partnerships, we extend Salesforce for you exactly the way you need it.


And the winner is …

Salesforce Trust Award

Trust is firmly at the core of our corporate culture. We see our customers as partners – and in a partnership, you have to be able to rely on each other. Because our clients appreciate this, we often continue to act as a service partner even after the project has been completed. The close cooperation with Salesforce has made this great Trust Award possible for us, which we consider an enormous appreciation of our work.

Salesforce Growth Award

We are proud of our rapid company growth, career opportunities for our employees and the rapid expansion of our customer base. In 2016, we started with the first implementation projects for start-ups – now we implement projects in the entire DACH market for medium-sized businesses and large corporations. In these three years, we have been able to establish a total of five locations. With the Growth Award, Salesforce honors our growth not only from a company perspective, but also from a customer perspective.