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Business Development

Our business development team plays a central role in the development of strategic business areas. As a member of this team, you will use your analytical skills to support our management in making the right decisions. By identifying opportunities and implementing cross-functional projects, you will contribute significantly to the optimization and expansion of the company’s strategic planning processes. In doing so, you will work closely with the management and investors and gain exciting insights into the diverse application possibilities of Salesforce. Unlike other companies, our focus is in the strategic area and not in sales.


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Optimal financial framework conditions and processes guarantee rapid and sustainable growth. The finance team ensures that data-based decisions are made and that all areas of the company act with foresight. The tasks range from budgeting the individual teams to monitoring business cases to reviewing and processing all invoices. Are you a number expert? Become a Fiver!


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As a rapidly growing company, we have to make our internal structures and processes as lean, efficient and scalable as possible. This is where our operations team comes in. As part of this team, you will be actively involved in the continuous development of Salesfive as a company. The responsibilities range from helping to shape the corporate strategy to optimizing our internal Salesforce processes.


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Creativity is required in the marketing team. We are in contact with all departments and are responsible for how the Salesfive brand is carried on by our employees and perceived by our customers. In a fast-moving market, we are always one step ahead and promote our brand across all channels. For us, what counts is the cooperation with each other and the exchange with all Fivers. With us, all employees are part of MarketingFive.


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People & Culture

On the one hand, our team is responsible for finding the best talent for the further growth of Salesfive. We also ensure that our employees are doing well so that they can live our values and the unique Salesfive culture. Whether planning a team event or optimizing our benefits: you will find your job with us.


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