Service Cloud

- 13.07.2021

Salesfive digitizes: YT Industries

Customer Centricity: Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud as central platforms for all customer concerns and for managing personalized marketing campaigns.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Fidor Bank success story

Focus on data security and transparency: international multi-cloud implementation allow for smooth processes in a cross-departmental solution.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: DAIKIN success story

Multi-cloud implementation: Sales and service departments work on a shared platform. Seamless process flow and linking of all data in one place are therefore ensured.

- 24.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: GermanPersonnel success story

Recording and tracking of all customer interactions and perfect illustration of sales processes by implementing and merging Service Cloud and Sales Cloud.

- 23.02.2021

Salesfive digitizes: Terra Canis success story

Traceability and transparency: documentation of all service and marketing activities in one system. Maintenance of new and existing customer relationships thanks to automated e-mail campaigns integrated into the customer lifecycle.